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2020.06.01[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健) , Other Topics(その他)

【Colleen's “Stay at Home” time】
I wonder where you are listening to me right now? In the car? On a morning walk or maybe at home? I guess a lot of you were and maybe still are spending a lot more time at home due to the Coronavirus. It was the same for me. Except for the time outside walking for exercise, going to the supermarket and occasionally doing jobs that couldn't be done from home, I was doing my best to stay home. I know for some, this time was a chance to binge-watch tv shows, learn a new hobby or just catch up on sleep. I did a little bit of all of that, and I made attempts at being productive. I pulled the weeds out of my garden...but they just keep coming back. It is a never ending battle. I also put some vegetables and flowers in and in addition to the weeds, now I have to battle the slugs who are trying to eat my hard work! I did eat some of the komatsuna I grew but had to pull two slugs least I know it's fresh, right?! I actually found that despite being home, I was never not busy, there was always something, and in fact, some days I felt like I needed a few more hours! Hopefully you have been able to enjoy your time at home as well, despite the situation that put us there.


【100,000 Yen Government Relief Money (Special Fixed Relief Benefits)】
This next topic will no doubt be of interest to everyone, it is about the 100,000 yen relief money being provided by the government. For everyone, including foreign nationals, who were registered as residents of Japan by April 27th are eligible to apply.
For people living in Fukuoka city, the applications for that relief money have been sent, beginning from May 15th. If there is anything that you don't understand, for example like how to fill out the application, please call the following number for help. The helpline is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Nepalese and that phone number is 092-401-0826. Again, that is 092-401-0826.

Love FM has also been broadcasting a special 5 minute program to help you understand more about that relief money. The program is called “Life in Fukuoka Special Edition-Understanding the Fixed Relief Benefits in 5 Minutes" and it is on every Monday and Saturday at 1:53pm in English.You can also listen to this special program as a podcast at anytime on the Love FM Homepage so definitely check it out.

You can also look at the Fukuoka City Homepage and link to Support  For Foreigners to get information. On that page,  you'll find information not only about living in Fukuoka, but also information on other things like Coronavirus support services. Definitely take the time to access that page, it has a lot of useful and necessary information.


【Cloth Mask Delivery】
As you know, the Japanese government has sent cloth masks out to all of its residents. And in Fukuoka as well, these deliveries began on the 12th of May. For each household, two masks were sent. The masks are washable and can be used again and again. When you wash them, use regular clothes detergent and gently wash them by hand. Hang them out in a sunny place to dry.


【Mask & Ride】
I guess now that the state of emergency has been lifted for Fukuoka, the number of people out and on public transportation has increased. As such, Fukuoka City has asked that when you are out using the Fukuoka City Subway or the Fukuoka City operated ferries, to avoid the 3 C's that have been mentioned before and to always wear a mask. They also request that people, except in the case of an emergency, avoid having unnecessary conversations while on board the subway or ferry, and to stagger commuting times or work from home in order to reduce congestion.


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