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2020.11.16[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【”Shichi-go-san” Seven-Five-Three】

Yesterday, November 15th was Shichi-go-san or the Seven-Five-Three event. Have you heard of this? It's a traditional event that everyone born in Japan will experience. It's an event that celebrates children as they grow, at the ages of seven, five and three.

Wearing bright clothes, families take the children to shrines to visit their local deities and thank the deities for the successful growth of their children for that year and to pray for future happiness and longevity.

Nowadays, girls visit the shrine twice, once at three and once at seven, and boys visit once when they are five. However, depending on the area, some children may go the year before they turn 7, 5 or 3. Most visits are usually made sometime from the beginning to the middle of November, but often centered around November 15th. If you have visited a temple or shrine recently, you may have seen children all dressed up in beautiful kimonos. Although the time for it is nearly over, if you do happen to see a family celebrating the event in the next few days, give them a bright smile and a shout of Omedetou, or Congratulations!

I can't say we have anything like this in the US where I'm from, although a 6th birthday seems to be a big thing for some. I guess it's kind of the time when a child transitions from being a toddler to the next stage and is usually when kids are starting primary school. I had a pretty big birthday for my 6th, actually my birthday is in November and we had loads of my school friends over to celebrate with me. If I'm honest though, I don't remember much, it turns out I had the flu that day and ended up leaving my own party early!


【The Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize】

Asia is home to a diversity of ethnic groups, languages, and cultures, which coexist with each other and depend on each other.  The Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize was established in 1990 to  honor the eminent achievements of individuals, group or organizations who create as well as preserve the many distinct and diverse cultures in the Asian region and convey these cultures to the world.

Unfortunately, this year's event was cancelled due to Covid-19, but a special website has been made looking back over the 30 year history of the Fukuoka Prize. Messages from previous award winners as well as videos of past events will be presented. The site will also introduce award winning speeches, performances of traditional Asian musical instruments and Butoh and exchanges between award winners and students. Just search for Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize and enjoy the wonderful memories and images that can only be seen on this special website.


【30th anniversary celebration of the Fukuoka City Museum】

Another 30th anniversary celebration is happening this year as well. And that is the 30th anniversary of the Fukuoka City Museum. To celebrate, the museum is holding a 30th anniversary exhibition called “Treasures of Fukuoka” at which you'll see selected national treasures and important cultural properties from the museum's own collection. Of these, two very special swords are some of the artifacts you won't want to miss. These national treasure swords, “Heshikiri Hasebe” and “Nikko-Ichimonji”, are being displayed at the same time for this exhibition, typically they are displayed separately, and you'll also see the armor with them. In addition, traditional crafts such as Hakata Dolls, paintings and old photographs related to the history of Hakata festivals and other important arts and crafts, like the cultural property designated lantern craft will also displayed. Admission is 700 yen but Jr. High School students and younger are free.

This Autumn, head to the Fukuoka City Museum to search for some of those Treasures of Fukuoka! You can also check some of the museum's displays while at home too. On the Fukuoka City Museum homepage, 7 of their well-known properties have been rendered into 3D for anyone to see. Top to bottom, left to right, you can zoom in and have a look at every little detail. At home and at the museum, there's lots to see and enjoy.


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