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2020.11.23[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健) , Housing(住宅)

【Labor Thanksgiving Day】

Well, we've only got about a month or so left til the end of this year.  And today is the last of the national holidays in the year. Today, November 23rd is Labor Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that was created in 1948 to commemorate labor and production and give one another thanks.

Today is also the Niiname-sai or Harvest Festival whose roots stem from when newly harvested rice was offered up to the deities of Japan to say thank you for the year's harvest and to pray for a good harvest the next year. So today, November 23rd, you should give thanks for the food that is on your table every day and all of us should show appreciation to each other for all the hard work we do day in and day out. If you think of it, Labor Thanksgiving Day is a really nice holiday, isn't it! I've got to say thank you to all the teachers I worked with when I first came here. I started off at an English conversation school and then started working in junior high schools around Fukuoka. The teachers there work so hard, every day with the students and I don't think they get enough appreciation at all! Make sure you say thank you to your teacher or to your child's teacher. I'm sure it'll brighten up their day to have their work appreciated.

Take time to appreciate yourself and those immediately around you, as well though. I guess some people might stay at home and relax, or maybe a trip to the onsen to soak the weariness away? Perhaps mom and dad might get a little thank you present from the kids. How do you think you might spend today?


【World Aids Day December 1st】

December 1st  is World Aids Day.  This day was established by the World Health Organization in 1988 with the purpose of preventing the spread of AIDS as well as eliminating the prejudice and discrimination faced by those living with and affected by the disease. Every year around the 1st of December, around the world, various events and activities, to deepen awareness and understanding of AIDS, take place.

At the health and welfare centers of each ward, HIV screening is offered. This screening is free of charge and anonymous. Early detection of HIV infection and proper treatment and management can delay the onset of AIDS. So, if you think you may be at risk, get checked as soon as possible. Screening is only on certain days so make sure you check which days before you go.

And, I don't know if you know this but the red ribbon is a symbol that shows awareness and solidarity with those affected by AIDS. The red ribbon announces to others that you have no prejudice against people affected by AIDS and gives that message that we will not discriminate against those living with AIDS. So for World AIDS Day, let's all take the time to learn the correct information about AIDS and how to prevent it.


【Beware of Fires】

As we move from autumn to winter, the air is very dry and fires happen a lot more often.  In Fukuoka City alone, last year there were 307 fire incidents. The main causes of these fires were cigarettes, gas canister stoves, and kerosene heaters. Some incidents involved drying laundry or curtains brushing against the heaters and catching fire. Others involved blankets and futons being too close to the heaters and catching fire while people were sleeping! It shouldn't have to be said, but putting anything that could burn easily should not be next to a heater. It's dangerous!

Also, make sure that you remember to switch these things off.

Gas canister fires are a big one to really be careful about as well. As it gets colder, more people pull out their gas canister stoves to make hot pots and stews. If you are using one, make sure you aren't far away from it while it is on.

I mentioned cigarettes being the cause of some of these fires. So make sure that you never fall asleep while smoking, don't collect a bunch of cigarette butts together and make sure you fully put our your cigarette when you are done with it.

Make sure that the fire alarms and fire extinguishers in your home are up to date, this is something you should do regularly. With that and being careful about how you use fire in your life, we can all work to prevent fires on a daily basis.


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