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Well, in this hot, hot weather, I'd be surprised if you said no, but have you ever used an uchiwa? If you're not familiar with the word, in English, it's a hand fan, a flat round kind of fan. The frame is usually made of wood or plastic and it's top part is covered with paper. Apparently, it came over from China in the 6th century.
During the Nara and Heian periods, high ranking people used to use the fan for telling fortunes as well as to block the sun or to hide their faces. From the Edo period, it was used in a variety of ways, to help start fires and to keep bugs away, as ornamental objects and for advertising!
Even now, many companies put their logos on the uchiwa that they pass out. If you get one, don't waste it, use it! It's an eco-friendly way to keep cool and it's great having one on hand.


【Residency Matter and Legal Consultation and Personal Counseling】

Now, I have some information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation. 

 Is there anything you don't understand about residency status and term of stay regulations? If there is, free consultation is available for the foreign residents of Fukuoka at the Fukuoka City International Foundation. Consultations are held every second Sunday afternoon of the month. A gyousei-shoshi, or administrative lawyer, will answer your questions and offer consultation.   There are English and Chinese interpreters present, and so, consultation in English, Chinese and Japanese does not require a reservation. For other languages, please consult with us at least one week in advance.


I also have information about free legal consultation and personal counseling for foreigners who live in Fukuoka

Legal consultations are available from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on the first Saturday of every month, and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month. Each session is with a lawyer from the Fukuoka Bar Association and runs for 45 minutes. This service is completely free. Free English interpretation services are also available so if you will need an interpreter, please mention that when you make your reservation. Personal counseling services are available every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with a Japanese clinical psychologist in English or Japanese. If you choose to use these services, please know that confidentiality is guaranteed.

For reservations or more information, please call 092-262-1799. Again that number is 092-262-1799. Calls will be accepted between 8:45 am and 6pm on weekdays.

And to prevent the spread of Covid-19, measures are being taken so please wear a mask and disinfect your hands when you come for a consultation.



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