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2022.04.18[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【Earth Day】

To start us off, today's topic is Earth Day which falls on April 22nd, that's a Friday this year. Earth Day is a day to say thank you to nature and all of its beauty as well as encourage each of us to recall how the Earth provides life and sustenance and think about the environment we live in.  Earth Day was first established in 1969 at a Unesco meeting and the following year, the first Earth Day began with Senator Nelson of the United States calling for a debate on environmental issues on April 22nd. Earth Day was first observed by Japan in 1990 and since then, a number of events and projects have taken place all across the nation.

In recent years, SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals have become a hot topic across the globe, with countries working on achieving each of these goals. However, it's not just governments that need to work toward them, we should, as individuals, also do our best to try and help achieve these goals and consider what we can do to help and protect the environment on a daily basis. Some easy things to do include turning off the lights when we aren't in a room, considering our daily meals and not wasting food and reducing the amount of garbage that we produce.

【Information from Fukuoka City】

Rules about putting out the garbage

Speaking of garbage, I've got some information to share with you about that very topic from Fukuoka City.

There are a lot of people who are starting a new chapter in their lives this month and that does typically mean buying new things or getting rid of old things. Which brings us to garbage.

In Fukuoka City, garbage is separated into three types. There is burnable, nonburnable and plastic pet bottles and glass garbage. You can buy the bags for each type of garbage at convenience stores and supermarkets.

The red bag is for burnable garbage. This is used for garbage like paper waste, food scraps, clothes and plastics.

The blue bag is for nonburnable garbage which includes things like empty cans and glass or ceramics.

And the yellow bag is for plastic pet bottles and glass bottles.

The day on which garbage is picked up is specific to your neighborhood. Burnable garbage is picked up twice a week and nonburnable and glass bottles and plastic pet bottles are picked up once a month.

Garbage is picked up late at night so garbage should be put out between sunset and midnight on your collection day in the designated location.

If you need to find out when garbage is picked up in your neighborhood, you can do so by adding the official Fukuoka City LINE account to your friend's list. Set your location when you add the account and you will get notifications for the pickup day.

And, if you type in the name of the garbage you want to throw out, the account will tell you which bag you should put it in, so it's a pretty handy service.

If you can't fit something you want to throw out in one bag because it is too big, it is considered over-sized garbage and needs to be thrown out through a different process. For over-sized garbage, pick-up can be arranged if you contact the Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage center, or Sodai Gomi Uketsuke in Japanese, by phone, on the internet or through LINE. They will tell you how much it will cost to throw away the item, where to put it and on what day and time they will pick it up.

If you decide to call the Oversized Garbage Center, you can call 092-731-1153, again that is 092-731-1153. And they have support for 18 different languages.


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