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福岡市環境局 presents 「Think! Fukuoka Eco Life」(*Finished)

*This event is alrealy finished.

「ごみ減量」をテーマに、環境にまつわる福岡市の取り組みを紹介する特別番組「Think! Fukuoka Eco Life」を10月8日月・祝)11時から放送します。


A special program 「Think! Fukuoka Eco Life」 will be on air 8th Oct. (Mon.) from 11:00 AM. This program's theme is "waste reduction" and is itroducing the efforts Fukuoka city is making for its environment.

Fukuoka city is a large city, with a population of over 1,570,000. Nonetheless, we have lots of nature around us, like the ocean and the mountains, nearby. It’s a place where people live together with nature. The Fukuoka Environmental Bureau works to maintain the environment and provide a town life that is pleasing to live in.

Some familiar topics such as "food loss","recycling small household electronics" and "garbage separation" will be introduced in the program.


 福岡市環境局 presents 『Think! Fukuoka Eco Life』

日時:2018年10月8日(月・祝) 11:00~11:30

DJ: Sakiko

Program Information

The Fukuoka City Environmental Bureau presents “Think! Fukuoka Eco Life”

Date & Time: Oct 8th 2018 (MON.) 11:00-11:30

DJ: Sakiko