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Mar. 11th On Air! Special program “Disaster Preparedness” presented by the Fukuoka City Civic Affairs Bureau, Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management(*Finished)

*This event is alrealy finished.

2011年3月11日、多くの犠牲者を出した「東日本大震災」から8年を迎えるこの日、LOVEFMでは14時から福岡市 市民局 防災・危機管理課Presents 「災害への備え」を放送します。


「福岡県西方沖地震」をはじめ、「熊本地震」、「九州北部豪雨」と、 近年、九州各地でも大規模災害が発生しています。 いつ起こるか分からない地震や津波、台風や豪雨による「風水害・土砂災害」から命を守るには、 日頃からの心構え、状況に応じた正しい避難行動が重要です。 この番組を通して、あらためて「災害への備え」について考えてみませんか?

As you know on March 11th 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, a terrible disaster that took the lives of many , and today is exactly 8 years to that day. And in recent years, throughout various regions of Kyushu, a number of large scale disasters have occurred.

We have no idea when these kind of disasters will strike, whether it be an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon or torrential rains which bring with them flooding and landslides. And so we need to protect ourselves by practicing preparedness on a daily basis and knowing how to respond and where to evacuate in the case of a disaster. So, for today's program, we are going to talk and really think about disaster preparedness.


福岡市 市民局 防災・危機管理課Presents 「災害への備え」


Program Information

Fukuoka City's Civic Affairs Bureau Disaster prevention and crisis management  presents Disaster Preparedness

Date & Time: Mar. 11th 2019 (MON.) 14:00-14:30