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2024.04.15[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)


We're now in that time of year when it feels good to spend time outdoors, so I've got information about a fun event that lets you enjoy the outdoors and some good beer. The "BELGIAN BEER WEEKEND" starts this Wednesday, the 17th and goes to Sunday, the 21st, at Fukuoka City Hall, on the west side, at the Fureai Square. 

If you like beer, this is the event to check out. Belgium is a “beer heaven” with over 1600 types of beer being brewed there, so impressive that it has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. And at this event, some of those beers will be coming here to Fukuoka, saving you the price of a plane ticket!

You can enjoy 12 types of Belgian beer, including representative types like "White Beer" and "Fruit Beer," totaling 52 varieties. Along with the beer, you can enjoy traditional Belgian dishes such as tasty Belgian fried potatoes "Frites" and "Carbonade," a stewed beef dish, all of which will taste great with your beer.

IN addition, "MaxPacemaker" from Belgium will visit Fukuoka and energize the venue with a techno sound on weekend nights along with a DJ from LOVEFM who will be there to liven up the stage with talks and games!

On weekdays, the festival is from 4pm to 10 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 am to 8pm.

So this week, why not enjoy Belgian beer, food, and music in the open air on a pleasant spring weekend unique to this season?



Fukuoka City Information

Rules about putting out the garbage

There are a lot of people who are starting a new chapter in their lives this month and that does typically mean buying new things or getting rid of old things. Which brings us to garbage and the rules around garbage here. 

In Fukuoka City, garbage is separated into three types. There is burnable, nonburnable and plastic pet bottles and glass garbage. You can buy the bags for each type of garbage at convenience stores and supermarkets, so make sure you use the Fukuoka City garbage bags for throwing things out. 

The red bag is for burnable garbage. This is used for garbage like paper waste, food scraps, clothes and plastics. 

The blue bag is for nonburnable garbage which includes things like empty cans and glass or ceramics. 

And the yellow bag is for plastic pet bottles and glass bottles. 

The day on which garbage is picked up is specific to your neighborhood. Burnable garbage is picked up twice a week and nonburnable and glass bottles and plastic pet bottles are picked up once a month. 

Garbage is picked up late at night so garbage should be put out between sunset and midnight on your collection day in the designated location. 

If you need to find out when garbage is picked up in your neighborhood, you can do so by adding the official Fukuoka City LINE account to your friend's list. Set your location when you add the account and you will get notifications for the pickup day. 

And, if you type in the name of the garbage you want to throw out, the account will tell you which bag you should put it in, so it's a pretty handy service. 

If you can't fit something you want to throw out in one bag because it is too big, it is considered over-sized garbage and needs to be thrown out through a different process. For over-sized garbage, pick-up can be arranged if you contact the Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage center, or Sodai Gomi Uketsuke in Japanese, by phone, on the internet or through LINE. They will tell you how much it will cost to throw away the item, where to put it and on what day and time they will pick it up. 

If you decide to call the Oversized Garbage Center, you can call (092-731-1153). They have support for 18 different languages. There is also a QR code service that provides information on garbage disposal rules in 10 different languages. Just check the Fukuoka City website for that QR code. 

2024.04.08[Mon] 09:00

Other Topics(その他)

【Parking Services at Fukuoka Airport】

This morning I have some exciting news for travelers! Next Tuesday, April 16th, marks the grand reopening of the multistory car park for domestic flights at Fukuoka Airport. Situated right in front of the domestic terminal, the capacity of this revamped parking facility has doubled with space for 1617 vehicles.

The exterior draws inspiration from Fukuoka's traditional craft, Hakata-ori, giving it a touch of local heritage. Each floor is easily identifiable through color and illustrations, featuring designs that celebrate Fukuoka's famous products like strawberries, the prefectural flower plum, and of course, ramen. It's a nod to everything Fukuoka is cherished for.

When it comes to parking fees, the first 30 minutes are free. After that, it's 250 yen for each additional half-hour. A full day's stay will cost you the regular rate of 3500 yen, but during peak times like the New Year holidays, it goes up to 4500 yen.

Checking the availability of parking spaces now is a breeze with updates available on the official website or on social media platform “X”. And here's a bonus for international travelers: you can book your parking spot in advance through the website.

We hope this information makes your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Safe travels!



【The Fukuoka City International Foundation

Consultations on Immigration, Residency and Nationality Matters.

Is there anything you don't understand about residency status and term of stay regulations? If there is, the Fukuoka City International Foundation provides free consultation on these matters to the international residents of Fukuoka City.

Consultations are held every second Sunday of the month. They are offered from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, but you must register by 3:30 PM. A gyousei-shoshi, or administrative lawyer will answer your questions and offer consultation.

There are English and Chinese interpreters present, and so, consultation in English, Chinese and Japanese does not require a reservation. For other languages, please consult with the center at least one week in advance.


Legal Consultation 

The Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents at the Fukuoka City International Center offers free legal consultation for foreign residents twice a month.

Legal consultations are available from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on the first Saturday of every month, and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month. Each session runs for 45 minutes and is completely free. However, you do need to make a reservation to consult with the lawyer. Free English interpretation services are also available so if you will need an interpreter, please mention that when you make your reservation.

You can make reservations via the Fukuoka City International Foundation's webpage but reservations are on a first come, first serve basis, so it may be better to call the center first to check.

These consultations ensure strict confidentiality, so please feel free to consult with us. Reservation hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. For detailed inquiries, please contact (0120-66-1799). The Fukuoka City International Foundation is looking forward to hearing from you.

2024.04.01[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健) , Other Topics(その他)

【National Spring Traffic Safety Campaign】

With the arrival of April this week, we've stepped into a new fiscal year. From this Saturday, the 6th, until the 15th, we will observe the "National Spring Traffic Safety Campaign."

This campaign spotlights four key areas:

  • Ensuring roads are safe for children to navigate and promoting safe crossing methods.
  • Reinforcing the importance of prioritizing pedestrians and encouraging considerate and yielding driving behaviors.
  • Advocating for the use of helmets when riding bicycles or electric scooters and adherence to traffic rules.
  • Eradicating drunk driving.

Throughout this period, various initiatives will be implemented across Fukuoka Prefecture, aiming to address these priorities.

April brings new first graders into our traffic society, yet their understanding of road dangers remains limited. Furthermore, children's field of vision is much narrower than adults might assume, often not fully aware of their surroundings. Let's be vigilant of children's sudden movements and potential to dart into the road.

This time also introduces new students and professionals, and many will find themselves on unfamiliar  routes to school or work. Mornings can be a rush, reducing our time for caution. In our haste, let's not neglect safety checks or forget the spirit of kindness and sharing the road. It's vital that adults set an example of traffic safety.

Let's all once again remind ourselves of the traffic rules and elevate our commitment to traffic safety.

With a little more time and patience in our hearts, let’s ensure everyone’s journey today is safe. Safe travels!



Fukuoka City Information

Consultations for Foreign Residents

Is there anything worrying you as you settle into your new life here? Or maybe something you don't understand? Well, at the Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents, you can get information on things like residence procedure, employment, medical care, welfare, childbirth, child rearing and children's education, as well as referrals to the appropriate consultation centers. To contact the Consultation Support Center, please call (0120-66-1799). Phone calls will be taken between 9am and 5:30 pm on regular business days. The center is closed on weekends, holidays and over the new year. 21 languages are supported at that hotline.

In addition, if there's there's anything you want to know about  National Health Insurance, garbage or taxes, or procedures necessary for living in Fukuoka City, please call the Interpretation Center.

You can also call the Interpretation Center for consultation by connecting to your local ward office. The telephone number is (092-753-6113). Phone calls will be taken between 9am and 5pm on regular business days. The center is closed on weekends, holidays and over the new year. 18 languages are supported at that number.

Finally, if you are looking for help finding a medical institution, talking to a doctor at a hospital, or receiving medicine at a hospital or prescription pharmacy, the city provides a service called the Fukuoka City Medical Interpreting Call Center service which provides telephone interpretation to and from the call center.
Requests for interpretation can be made by foreigners as well as by hospitals and prescription pharmacies.
The call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and supports 20 different languages. The telephone number is (092-733-5429).


2024.03.25[Mon] 09:00

【The Van Gogh Exhibition】
As I guess many of you know, Vincent van Gogh was a famous Dutch Impressionist painter and is now known as "father of modern art”. If you are a fan, or even if you are not, you have no doubt seen his work, including Starry Night and Sunflowers as they are often used or referenced even in modern culture. If you want to know more, or are in fact a fan of Van Gogh, you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in his work at the Digital Fine Art Exhibition and Moving Vincent Van Gogh, which are currently being held at the Fukuoka City Science Museum.

The "Digital Fine Art exhbition" is an exhibition of works using computer graphics technology, such as 3DCG animation and VFX (special effects), on the medium of fine art. It has already established itself as a genre of artistic expression in the United States, France, Australia, and other countries, and is gaining popularity.

This time, approximately 860 works by Van Gogh from around the world, painted during the 37 years of his life, are being visualized by the latest digital technology. This new world of Van Gogh's art, brought to life by digital technology as "paintings in motion," is a world of surprise and discovery. There will also be a planetarium program reproducing the starry skies from his masterpiece in addition to a number of other works. You can see all of this until June 16th at the Fukuoka City Science Museum, so go and enjoy art in a brand new way.



Words from DJ Colleen on the 'new' life stage

Well, next week is a new year in a sense! April is when many things start in Japan. In fact, some of our listeners might be stepping into a new environment from next week. Whether it's starting a new job, entering a new school and making new friends, enjoy it to the fullest. The only time you'll have it is now. I'm sure there will be a few bumps in the road, it takes time to adjust sometimes, but remember, these are only temporary and they're learning experiences. You don't have to go out and make a new you as we start this new period in life though. I think sometimes, myself included, we try to make these grand changes and sometimes they fall flat when they don't go as we'd envisioned. So go in as you are and be yourself and have a great every day. 
Let's be HAPPY in April and beyond with this program!

And, please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions, messages, or requests, if you have the chance!


2024.03.18[Mon] 09:00

【Cherry blossom viewing】

It's just about time for cherry blossom season here in Fukuoka, so let me introduce a few spots to go and do a bit of hanami, or cherry blossom viewing.
First, we've got Maizuru Park, a 15 minute walk from Tenjin. The park is known for housing the Fukuoka Castle ruins, a symbol of the park you might say. At the ruins, you'll find yourself surrounded by more than 1000 beautiful cherry trees, with a wonderful light up at night during the blossom season. Along the moat, you'll also see the cherry trees reflected on the water, making for a spectacular sight. During the season, the grounds are filled with food stalls and food trucks, so that people can enjoy hanami even at night. You might want to stop at Imaya, one of the stands, for a delicious hamburger to enjoy as you do hanami. Some other places to consider for hanami are the Fukuoka City Zoo and Botanical Garden, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park in Higashi Ward and Aburayama's Citizen Park where you enjoy walking among the trees for some forest bathing and cherry blossom viewing. Finally, Atago Shrine, where you'll find the cherry tree of good luck, is one more place to visit. Of course, the list doesn't stop there in Fukuoka City. In many parks and streets, even in the middle of the city, you can enjoy hanami, so enjoy it to the fullest while the cherry trees are in full bloom. Here's to a great hanami season this year!


【FukuokaCity Information】

Disposing of Garbage from Moving Home

I mentioned that it's moving season now that spring is here.That means that this time tends to be when we see a lot more oversized garbage and so I've got some information on how to use the Oversized Garbage Disposal Call Center.
The first way to do it is by applying for pickup with the Oversized Garbage Disposal Call Center. First, contact them by phone or by internet, or even through the Official Fukuoka City Line Account, to put in your application and then purchase the appropriate oversized garbage disposal ticket at the convenience store or other shops. The garbage pickup day will be roughly one week after you apply. You must put out the garbage by 8:30am on the collection day in the designated spot.
The phone number for the Oversized Garbage Disposal Call Center is 092-731-1153. Again, that number is 092-731-1153. If you apply via the internet or Line, you can do so at your convenience, 24 hours a day.
For TV's, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and air conditioners, according to the home appliance recycling law, there are specific guidelines for disposal. You can have the old appliance removed by the firm installing the new one or you can contact the store where you originally bought the appliance. You can also contact the Yamada Denki in your city about disposal.
Recycling fees as well as fees for collection and transport will be required.



Citizen's Natural Disaster Prevention Day
To continue, I have one more announcement. Fukuoka City has designated March 20 as "Citizens' Disaster Prevention Day" to keep the experience of the March 20, 2005 Fukuoka Prefecture Seiho-oki Earthquake from being forgotten.
In recent years, major disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rain have occurred in many areas. We never know when a disaster will strike. In order for each of us to take appropriate actions when a disaster strikes, it is important to be prepared on a daily basis.
Please check the Fukuoka City website for hazard maps and information on disaster prevention, and again prepare and confirm what to take with you when you evacuate. Let's take this "Citizens' Disaster Prevention Day" as an opportunity to think about disaster prevention for the safety of yourself, your family, and your community.

2024.03.11[Mon] 09:00



The "National High School Baseball Championship Tournament," commonly known as "Spring Koshien," will kick off from the 18th of next week. It is a high school baseball tournament held every spring in Japan. The tournament has been nicknamed "Koshien" because it takes place at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Hyogo Prefecture. For Japanese people, Koshien has been a special event since it began, eagerly anticipated not only by high school baseball players but also by baseball fans. This year, 32 schools will compete for the championship title. Representing Fukuoka this year is "Tokai University Fukuoka High School" located in Munakata City. Let's hope they do their best to aim for the national title. The tournament will be broadcasted on radio and television for 13 days until March 30th, so tune int to watch the high school baseball players put in their all to win!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Avoiding the Rush When Moving House

March and April are busy months for moving house and as a result, the consultation desks at your local ward offices may be quite crowded. The period between March 21st and April 8th are especially busy with wait times of 2 to 3 hours, so if you can try to avoid that period.
However, that's not always possible,and if you find that you're too busy on weekdays to submit the notification of your move to the ward office, then you'll be glad to know that there are several weekend days when the offices are open for paperwork related to moving in or out of the city.
On Sunday the 31st of March and Sunday the 7th of April, Fukuoka City ward offices and their branches will be temporarily opened from 9am to 1pm to take paperwork in regards to moving in or out of the city.
If you are moving out of Fukuoka City, you do not have to go to the ward office to report your move-out. You can do so by mail or online if you have your My Number Card. However, please note that if you're moving out of the country, you can't submit your notification online, so please be aware of that.
If you are moving within Fukuoka city you do not need the notification of the move out of your previous residence, you just need to submit notification that you have moved into your new residence.
There is now an online service available to make reservations with the ward office to take care of moving procedures. Reservations can even be done via a smartphone but must be made by 8:30 am, 5 business days before your desired date. You just need to send the date you want to go in, and information about your address change. With this system, an appointment can be easily arranged and the process at the consultation desk will take less time.
If you have any questions, you can check with the ward office using a telephone interpreter.
The telephone number is 092-753-6113.
Tell them what ward you are living in and that you would like to discuss moving procedures.
One more process that you should remember when moving is making sure you call to have your water turned on or turned off. You will need to have the notification of your move for this. Please call at least 4 business days before you move to arrange this. The phone number for that is 092-532-1010. Phone calls will be accepted in languages other than Japanese. This process can also be done online.

2024.03.04[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽) , Other Topics(その他)

【International Women's Day】

Have you recently seen any mimosa flowers decorating the city streets? March 8th is "International Women's Day," a commemorative day established by the United Nations to celebrate and protect women's rights and honor the accomplishments they've achieved. It's celebrated worldwide.
Mimosa flowers symbolize International Women's Day. Blooming from February to March, heralding the end of the cold winter and the arrival of spring, in the language of flowers, the mimosa represents "gratitude" and it's also known as the "flower of happiness." The bright yellow vitamin color is cute and charming, making you feel cheerful just by looking at it!
Just like sending carnations on Mother's Day, how about expressing your gratitude on this year's International Women's Day by giving someone dear to you some mimosa flowers?


【Fukuoka City International Foundation Information

「Let's Build Our Town Together with UN Staff! 」Participants Wanted.
Now, I have some information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation to share with you. The Fukuoka City International Foundation will host a workshop on community building with staff from UN-Habitat Fukuoka Headquarters as instructors and are looking for participants.
The workshop, targeting elementary fourth graders to junior high school third graders, will take place on Saturday, March 23rd, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at Acros Fukuoka.
UN-Habitat Fukuoka Headquarters, engaged in projects related to "people's dwellings," is the only UN agency in Kyushu.
During the workshop, participants will become residents of Habitat Village and brainstorm reconstruction plans for a village heavily affected by heavy rainfall.
The workshop will be conducted in simple Japanese, so children of foreign nationalities are encouraged to participate. The foundation is looking forward to the participation of everyone interested in the global activities of the United Nations.
To continue, I have some information regarding consultation times at the Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents.


Consultation hours at the Fukuoka City Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents.
The Fukuoka City Consulation Support Center for Foreign residents on the first floor of the Fukuoka City International center in Hakata Ward's Tenyamachi aims to address the questions and concerns of foreign residents. They provide consultations on various aspects of daily life, such as residence procedures, employment, healthcare, welfare, childbirth, childcare, and children's education, and also provide information and guidance to relevant agencies.
From April, general consultations are available from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. The center offers face-to-face, telephone, and email consultations. For face to face or telephone consultations, interpretation services are available in 22 languages, including English.
The address for the center is 4-1 Tenyamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, and the telephone number is 0120-66-1799. You can also use LINE call through the Foundation's offical line account.
For more information, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation website.
The service is free, but you do need to make an appointment. To find out how to make an appointment, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's homepage or its Facebook page. The website address is fcif.or.jp. If there is anything that you don't understand or if you still have questions, you can also contact 092-262-1744.

2024.02.26[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)


What is your drink of choice? I guess at this hour a lot of people are having a coffee or some tea, but how about later in the evening? A cold beer? A small glass of whisky? Well, have you ever had "sake"? Being here in Japan, the sky's the limit when it comes to the varieties of sake we can try. It can be enjoyed throughout the year, but winter is the season for making sake, and it's the time when new sake is released.
The main ingredients of sake are "rice, rice koji, and water," and its simple ingredients and as well as the techniques used to make it, determine its taste and quality. You can choose how you'd like to drink it, chilled, at room temperature or even warmed up. The alcohol content is typically around 15%.

In February, many sake breweries hold an event called "Kura-biraki" or a Sake Brewery Opening. During these times, you can sample the season's new sakes and tour the breweries.
There are currently 68 sake breweries in Fukuoka Prefecture, including Ishikura Shuzo, the only remaining sake brewery in the Hakata area that continues to make sake today. The eye-catching white-walled storehouse with brick chimneys was built in 1870, and is used as a restaurant, concert hall, and wedding venue. It is probably better known to people around the city as "Hakata Hyakunengura." There is also shop right on the premises, so you can pick up a bottle of your favorite sake while tasting it!
This year's sake brewery opening of "Hakata Hyakunengura" will be held for two days on February 29th (Thursday) and March 1st (Friday) from 2pm to 8pm. There will be plenty of sake for sale, including freshly squeezed new sake, a sake tasting corner, complimentary amazake (non-alcoholic), and food sales.
Why not take this opportunity to visit the brewery?



【Blue Bottle Coffee opens at Kego Shrine】

Now, I have some information about a new store opening, that might interest the coffee drinkers this morning.
In the heart of Tenjin, you'll find Kego Shrine, just next to Kego Park near Solaria Plaza. If you have been around the city for a few years, you probably noticed the renovation work going on around the shrine. It was two years ago, the shrine office underwent a major renovation, creating new space and a very cool building. In that space you'll now find the first Blue Bottle Coffee shop in Kyushu, on the first floor of the shrine office building!
Blue Bottle Coffee was founded in Oakland, USA, a sister city of Fukuoka, and operates under the belief that "a delicious coffee experience enriches life." They prioritize not only the coffee in the cup but also the experience surrounding coffee, including the space and the mugs, relentlessly pursuing deliciousness by offering specialty coffees.
Whether you choose to relax in the spacious, glass-walled interior or grab a takeout on your way back from visiting the shrine, it's open from 8 am to 8 pm. Be sure to visit for a delicious cup of coffee. Just look out for the blue bottle logo!

2024.02.19[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

2024.02.12[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Breaking World Match 2024】

Later this month, on February 24th, for those who are interested in dance and competition, you'll have the
chance to see Breaking World Match 2024, at Marine Messe Fukuoka here in Fukuoka City. "
Breaking" is an acrobatic dance competition in which dancers take turns performing acrobatic dances to
improvised music on a one-on-one basis to compete in terms of technique and expressiveness. Breaking has
been accepted as a sport for the 2024 Paris Olympics for the first time, and the Marine Messe event on the
24th offers an opportunity to watch the exciting performances of athletes who are expected to win medals at
this year's Paris Olympics.
The United States, the birthplace of breaking, and Japan, with high-caliber male and female athletes, will face
off. The competition will feature athletes who have already been selected to compete in the Paris Olympics, as
well as athletes with high world rankings. This battle, which can be called a prelude to the Olympics coming
up in six months, is sure to be a battle worth watching!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Fukuoka City Medical Interpreting Call Center

Fukuoka City has established the Fukuoka City Medical Interpretating Call Center to provide telephone
interpretation for medical care. This is to allow foreign residents who have difficulty communicating in
Japanese to receive medical care with peace of mind.
The call center can be used when looking for a medical institution, talking to a doctor at a hospital, or
receiving medicine at a hospital or prescription pharmacy, and provides telephone interpretation to and from
the call center.
Requests for interpretation can be made by foreigners as well as by hospitals and prescription pharmacies.
The call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The telephone number is 092-733-5429. 
The call center supports 20 languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Thai, Tagalog,
Indonesian, Malay, Myanmar, Khmer, Mongolian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian,
Sinhalese, and Hindi. Interpretation services are free of charge, but phone call charges are the responsibility
of the user.

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