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2022.04.25[Mon] 09:00

DJ's Recommend(DJのオススメ)

【What are Your Golden Week Plans?】

Well, Golden Week, as they call this set of holidays coming up, will begin at the end of this week, the last week of April and go into the first week of May. If you were able to get next Monday and Friday off, then it'll be quite a long Golden Week for you!

Golden Week
So, do you know what the holidays are that make up this holiday time? It starts with Shōwa Day on April 29, Constitution Day on May 3, Greenery Day on May 4, and Children’s Day on May 5. And depending on how the timing works out and if you can get the non-holiday days off, this week can go from 7 to 10 days. Any idea why it's called Golden Week? There are quite a few theories as to where the name came from, but the most popular origin is that it came from Japanese radio lingo. Golden Time was an expression used in the radio industry to denote the period with the highest listener ratings. As there were many holidays concentrated in the week from the end of April to early May, many leisure-based industries experienced a spike in sales, including the film industry which prompted the managing director of one film company to dub the week "Golden Week" based on that radio lingo.
So what is your plan for this year's Golden Week? I'll start mine early, in a sense. I do still have to go to work but before the Golden Week rush begins, I plan on going to the Kawachi Fuji Park in Kitakyushu to enjoy the wisteria there. I have dinner plans with some friends that I haven't seen in a while and I'll also catch a bit of wrestling at Yahoo Dome at Dontaku Wrestling! It'll be a busy Golden Week for sure, but I want to make the most of it this year.

Places to Go in Fukuoka Over Golden Week
If you haven't made any plans yet, don't worry, there are lots of things to do here in Fukuoka City! Especially this year, after three long years, the Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri, a festival with over 800 years of history, will be held again!
The Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri is a parade in which men and women of all ages wear costumes of their choosing and parade through town while keeping beat on a shamoji. The festival is held on May 3 and 4 every year and there are stages and spaces around town where dance performances are also held. It's a wonderful event that makes the town even livelier.
And, if you want to do some shopping while on holiday, from today, April 25th, the new shopping complex LaLaPort Fukuoka is open. However, it's not just about shopping, there are also restaurants, a movie theater, sports facilities and loads of fun for those who have kids.

Fukuoka's East and West Coasts

Alright, for those of you who want to be outside, I would recommend cycling and a few other outdoor sports. Along the coast of Fukuoka there is tons to do and you've got both the east and west coasts, each with their own charms.

Looking to the East, there are beautiful blue seas all around and you can feel the history in the air if you visit Shikanoshima. The symbol of the island is Shika-umi Shrine located on a small mountain on the island. As you walk along the main path to the shrine, you can also sample fresh seafood and get some shopping in at shops along the way. The circumference of Shikanoshima is only 12 kilometers and it's an easy 1 hour cycle around.
There are paths for both beginners and more experienced cyclists.
You can take a boat from Bayside Place Hakata to the island and you can even bring your bicycle with you. If you don't have a bicycle, not to fear, you can rent one on the island or even one from Uminonakamichi, if you are out that way.

Now, to the West. There in the Kitazaki area, you'll find beautiful coastal roads and some great photo spots, along with stylish cafes. From Tenjin, it takes just about an hour to get to the Kitazaki area, but it's a real escape because you can go fishing, glamping, hit up some of those popular cafes I just mentioned and get lots of photos to post and share with friends.
If you go to the Itoshima Hanto, or Itoshima Peninsula, there are bicycles available to rent and also Stand Up Paddleboard, good fun for even beginners.
If you think you might head to the Kitazaki area, you can take the subway and JR Chikuhi line. Get off at Kyudai Gakkentoshi Eki Station and transfer to a Showa Bus.
You can find more information about all of this if you go to the Fukuoka City Tourist Information site, YokaNavi and search for Fukuoka East and West Coast.
And of course, when you do go out, make sure that you continue to practice basic infection prevention measures such as washing your hands, avoiding the 3 C's and wearing a mask. If you don't remember what those 3 C's are, they are avoiding closed spaces, crowds and close conversation.


2022.04.18[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【Earth Day】

To start us off, today's topic is Earth Day which falls on April 22nd, that's a Friday this year. Earth Day is a day to say thank you to nature and all of its beauty as well as encourage each of us to recall how the Earth provides life and sustenance and think about the environment we live in.  Earth Day was first established in 1969 at a Unesco meeting and the following year, the first Earth Day began with Senator Nelson of the United States calling for a debate on environmental issues on April 22nd. Earth Day was first observed by Japan in 1990 and since then, a number of events and projects have taken place all across the nation.

In recent years, SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals have become a hot topic across the globe, with countries working on achieving each of these goals. However, it's not just governments that need to work toward them, we should, as individuals, also do our best to try and help achieve these goals and consider what we can do to help and protect the environment on a daily basis. Some easy things to do include turning off the lights when we aren't in a room, considering our daily meals and not wasting food and reducing the amount of garbage that we produce.

【Information from Fukuoka City】

Rules about putting out the garbage

Speaking of garbage, I've got some information to share with you about that very topic from Fukuoka City.

There are a lot of people who are starting a new chapter in their lives this month and that does typically mean buying new things or getting rid of old things. Which brings us to garbage.

In Fukuoka City, garbage is separated into three types. There is burnable, nonburnable and plastic pet bottles and glass garbage. You can buy the bags for each type of garbage at convenience stores and supermarkets.

The red bag is for burnable garbage. This is used for garbage like paper waste, food scraps, clothes and plastics.

The blue bag is for nonburnable garbage which includes things like empty cans and glass or ceramics.

And the yellow bag is for plastic pet bottles and glass bottles.

The day on which garbage is picked up is specific to your neighborhood. Burnable garbage is picked up twice a week and nonburnable and glass bottles and plastic pet bottles are picked up once a month.

Garbage is picked up late at night so garbage should be put out between sunset and midnight on your collection day in the designated location.

If you need to find out when garbage is picked up in your neighborhood, you can do so by adding the official Fukuoka City LINE account to your friend's list. Set your location when you add the account and you will get notifications for the pickup day.

And, if you type in the name of the garbage you want to throw out, the account will tell you which bag you should put it in, so it's a pretty handy service.

If you can't fit something you want to throw out in one bag because it is too big, it is considered over-sized garbage and needs to be thrown out through a different process. For over-sized garbage, pick-up can be arranged if you contact the Fukuoka City Oversized Garbage center, or Sodai Gomi Uketsuke in Japanese, by phone, on the internet or through LINE. They will tell you how much it will cost to throw away the item, where to put it and on what day and time they will pick it up.

If you decide to call the Oversized Garbage Center, you can call 092-731-1153, again that is 092-731-1153. And they have support for 18 different languages.

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2022.04.11[Mon] 09:00

Other Topics(その他)

【Means of Transportation in Fukuoka city】

Well, we are already into the second week of April and I wonder how everyone is getting along. For those of you who just moved to Fukuoka, how are things? Are you used to life here or still getting used to it?

As you explore the different areas of Fukuoka, what kind of transportation do use?

Bicycles are cheap and convenient, I commute nearly everywhere in the city on my bicycle and definitely recommend one, but make sure you do get off and push your bicycle through the parts of the city where there are a lot of people out walking. Also, park your bicycle in a designated parking area, don't just leave it parked out anywhere.

If cycling isn't for you, then using Nishitetsu Bus and the subway are the two best options for getting around the city. There are bus stops everywhere in the city and the subway has a good number of stations throughout the city. Both options are relatively inexpensive and you don't have to worry about finding a place to park your bicycle.

Naturally, there are also taxis all around the city, good if you've got a fair amount of luggage to carry around.

And, of course, there's always walking. You don't need any cash and it's great for your health. Plus, Fukuoka is a very walkable city! If you want to explore the city a bit more on foot, there are walking maps available at the information centers at Hakata and Tenjin Stations.



 【Info from Fukuoka city】

Some information for you from the Fukuoka City International Foundation.

Residency and Nationality Matters

Is there anything you don't understand about residency status and term of stay regulations? If there is, the Fukuoka City International Foundation provides free consultation on these matters to the international residents of Fukuoka City.

Consultations are held every second Sunday of the month. They are offered from 1:00 to 4:00 PM, but you must register by 3:30 PM. A gyousei-shoshi, or administrative lawyer will answer your questions and offer consultation.

There are English and Chinese interpreters present, and so, consultation in English, Chinese and Japanese does not require a reservation. For other languages, please consult with us at least one week in advance.

For more information, please call the toll free number 0120-66-1799. Again that number is 0120-66-1799. Phone calls will be accepted between 9am and 6pm on weekdays.


Legal Consultations

The Fukuoka City International Foundation also offers free legal consultation for the international residents of Fukuoka City.

Legal consultations are available from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on the first Saturday of every month, and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month. Each session runs for 45 minutes and is completely free. However, you do need to make a reservation to consult with the lawyer. Free English interpretation services are also available so if you will need an interpreter, please mention that when you make your reservation. Reservations are first come, first serve, so calling in advance to make a reservation is recommended.

You can make a reservation for this service on the Fukuoka City International Foundation homepage.

If you choose to use these services, please know that confidentiality is guaranteed.

And to prevent the spread of Covid-19, measures are being taken so please wear a mask and disinfect your hands when you come for a consultation.

For more information, please call the toll free number0120-66-1799. Again that number is 0120-66-1799. Phone calls will be accepted between 9am and 6pm on weekdays.

2022.04.04[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健) , Other Topics(その他)

【My name is…】
Well, I mentioned before, my name is Colleen. I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan in the US and first came to Fukuoka in 2002 as a student for a year. I returned in 2005, working for a English conversation school and then somehow, despite plans to only stay for a year or two, am still here. Currently, I work as a DJ for Love FM on this show and on Earth Feeling which is on every Sunday morning from 8am, if you have a chance to check it out.
I really enjoy living in Fukuoka, but I remember when I first came, I had one of those “lost in translation or lost in Japan” moments. I had just arrived and went to the local convenience store to find something to eat. I found a square container of instant noodles that looked pretty good, the picture showed some noodles with a brown sauce. Mind you, I couldn't really read that much Japanese when I got here, so I didn't know what they were exactly. I went back to my dorm's kitchen to get my noodles ready, poured hot water onto the noodles, added the brown powder soup and the mayo pack and waited. After a few minutes, I stirred it up...only to have clumps of mayo floating around half cooked noodles in coffee colored liquid. The people who were with me saw what I was doing and laughed, apparently I had bought yakisoba and the noodles needed to be drained before putting the sauce in. Dinner that evening was a disappointment but I've had many, many amazing dishes since to make up for it. One of my favorite foods here is goma saba, which is fresh mackerel seasoned with sesame, soy sauce and mirin and is quite specific to Fukuoka, it seems, I definitely recommend it.
One more recommendation I have for living here is learning Japanese to the best of your ability, whether you are new to the city or have been here for a while and have been putting it off. Admittedly, it is easy to get around in English these days with translation apps and the fact that Fukuoka has become a lot more international with information and signs in English. However, I find the more of the language I understand and speak, the more opportunities have opened up to me, and I've never made a mistake making yakisoba again.


【Info from Fukuoka city】

Vaccination information
Well, enough about me, I have some important information from Fukuoka City to share with you now. Fukuoka City has been working toward making sure everyone who hopes to be vaccinated can do so with peace of mind.
In Fukuoka City, inoculations for the third dose of the vaccine have begun. Residents who are over the age of 18 and have received the previous two inoculations will receive the vaccination coupon for the third dose in the mail. If you haven't received that coupon roughly 6 months after your second dose, please phone the call center. Vaccinations for children between the ages of 5 and 11 have also begun. Those inoculation coupons will be sent by post starting in order from children who are 11 years old.
When the inoculation coupon arrives, please visit the reservation site or call the vaccine call center to make a reservation. Please wait until that coupon does arrive.
For questions regarding vaccinations or to make a reservation, you can call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English.

Temporary Special Benefits

Due to the prolonged effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has puttogether a temporary special benefit to give support to households which areexempt from levy of the resident tax. The support benefit is 100,000 yen per household.Eligible households will be sent a letter  explaining the benefits and the request to confirm some details. You do need to follow a procedure to receive the benefits so please read the letter, fill in the necessary details and send that information back within three months of the letter’s date of issue.If you need any help with these temporary special benefits, please contact the call center where they can help you. The phone number is 0120-018-092. Again, that number is 0120-018-092. Calls will be accepted from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and a number of foreign languages are supported, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and others.

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