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2023.02.27[Mon] 09:00


【Today's Guest】

David Victor

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2023.02.20[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【Seasonal Flowers=Nanohana】

Nanohana or Rapeseed blossoms, with their bright yellow flowers, are a well-loved “Promise of spring” , much like cherry blossoms and are in bloom right around the same time.
In fact, rapeseed is a member of the Brassicaceae family of vegetables, and is related to komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) and Chinese cabbage.

From the past until now, this plant has been valued not only for its flowers but also as a source of food with its fresh spring flavor. The rapeseed season in Fukuoka is relatively long and lasts from early February to mid-April. As the weather gets warmer, people are out enjoying the view of the blossoms in a number of spots around the prefecture. And, as I mentioned before, the timing is right around the time the cherry blossoms bloom, giving visitors a colorful spring scene to feast their eyes on.
In some places in Fukuoka Prefecture, two types of rapeseed  are planted: "early blooming rape blossoms" and "late blooming rape blossoms," allowing visitors to fully enjoy them during the season.
There are also many places to enjoy these blossoms such as Umino-nakamichi Seaside Park (Umino-nakamichi Kaihin-Ko-en) and Nokonoshima Island Park. It's just about time to go out and enjoy these lovely yellow flowers, they're waiting for you and will surely brighten your day. 



【Info From Fukuoka City】

Filing City and Prefectural Taxes

Well, moving on from that, now I've got some information from Fukuoka City about filing taxes. I'm pretty sure that most of you have received your tax forms to file in Reiwa 5, they were sent by post from Fukuoka City.

The deadline for filing is Wednesday, March 15th. The tax department of the ward office will accept your tax return from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, however the counters there may be crowded so please send your tax returns by mail or by internet.


Those who are required to file Fukuoka City taxes include anyone who has lived in Fukuoka City since the first of January 2023 and had income in 2022. Those who submitted a final tax declaration to the tax authorities or those who only received a salaried income whose company filed year end adjustments  do not need to file a tax return.


When filing, you need your My Number card or a document that shows your number and a driver's license, passport or resident card to show proof of identity.

Documents, such as withholding slips that show your income from 2022 and any documents for deductions made during 2022 are also necessary.

For information on what documents are needed and anything else about filing your taxes, please visit your local ward offices website. If there is anything that you don't understand, please use the telephone translation hotline to call the ward offices. The hotline supports 18 languages including English , Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Nepali. The number is 092-753-6113. Again, the number for that hotline is 092-753-6113.

That phone number is for a interpretation center, so after speaking to a representative you will be connected to your local ward office. Make sure you tell them which ward you live in and that you want help with filing taxes. If you go to your ward office in person, you can also use your phone and this service to help you with interpretation, so don't hesitate to use it!

2023.02.13[Mon] 09:00

Japanese(日本語) , Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【Retort Curry Day】

Japan has a number of unusual anniversary days, I've introduced a few on this program before and it turns out that just the other day on February 12th, it was Retort Curry Day. It was in 1968 on this day that Bon Curry was created as the world’s first commercial retort-pouch food product ever to exist, using innovative original technology under the concept of “a curry that you can eat just by heating a single-serving package in hot water, a curry that never fails.”

A retort curry is a pressurized, heat-sterilized curry packaged in a bag made of aluminum foil. The technology using retort was originally invented by the U.S. Military, but retortable curry, which can be heated with hot water and eaten immediately, is a Japanese invention.
Most retort pouch curries are heated with hot water, but there are some retort pouch curries that can be heated in a microwave oven, so be sure to read the directions carefully before cooking them up.
Nowadays, you can enjoy the taste of delicious curries from restaurants all over Japan. My partner and I have tried quite a few, we like to do at home curry tours. I'm a fan of a Miyazaki Curry but my partner seems to prefer the Indian curries. You're sure to find your favorite as you sample the many that are available at convenience stores and supermarkets!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Now, I have information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation .

Get consultations through LINE Call!

The first thing to share is about their Line Call service. If you are connected to the Foundation's official Line Account, you can use Line Call to ring the center for advice on life here as well as to make reservations for the free professional consultation services that the Foundation provides.  Interpretation over the phone for 22 different languages is available.

You can also sign up to get information on events or useful information for foreign residents of the city, so if you aren't already connected on Line, just go to the Fukuoka City International Foundation's homepage and click on Add Friend to get connected.

However, be aware that you cannot send messages through the chat function. If you want to send a message regarding getting advice, then please look up the Fukuoka City International Foundation's homepage on the internet and fill out the help request form on their website.


International Kids and Parents Event “Let's make easy riceball lunchboxes!”

The next bit of information I have to share with you is about an event for international kids and parents called “Let's make easy riceball lunchboxes”!

During this event, Japanese parents and kids and foreign parents and kids will get together to make onigiri-bento, or riceball lunchboxes, in a fun, international exchange event.

The event will be held on Saturday, March 11th at  the Fukuoka City Health Promotion Support Center in the Airefu Cooking room. 

The deadline to register for this event is Monday the 20th of February. To register for the event or to get more information, please go to the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website at www.fcif.or.jp .

2023.02.06[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Taking care of yourself in February】
In this season, there is some concern about getting sick with covid and influenza at the same time, so it is important to continue taking measures to stay on top of the situation. Some basic precautionary measures you can do include wearing a mask when going out and gargling and washing your hands thoroughly when you get home.
Catechins, an ingredient in green tea, are said to have an antibiotic effect, so it may be a good idea to try gargling with tea or actively drinking tea. For those who are trying to avoid so much caffeine, hojicha (roasted green tea) is also good.
Also, cedar pollen will be in the air from mid-February so consider what countermeasures you need to take as early as possible if you are affected by the pollen.
Of course, in general, a few things to keep in mind is to get a good night's sleep, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle to keep your immune functions up. Keep yourself warm, don't drink too much alcohol and cutting back on smoking are also important actions you can take to maintain your nasal mucous as they say it is your first line of defense against infections.
We've only got to endure a little more cold weather before a brighter and warmer season arrives. Keep your mind and body healthy to fully enjoy and welcome spring!



【City Information】

Covid Vaccinations

Now, I have some information for you from Fukuoka City about Covid-19 vaccinations.
Fukuoka City has been working toward making sure everyone who hopes to be vaccinated can do so with peace of mind.
In Fukuoka City, vaccination tickets for the Omicron variant for those who will receive their third, fourth or fifth doses of the vaccine are being sent out. The vaccination for the omicron variant will be limited to one time per person. Vaccination vouchers are being sent out to those were vaccinated at least three months before.

When the inoculation coupon arrives, please visit the reservation site or call the vaccine call center to make a reservation. Please wait until that coupon does arrive.
If you haven't received that coupon, please phone the call center to have it issued again.

People who have recently relocated to Fukuoka City from overseas and who hope to get vaccinated need to fill out an application to receive the inoculation tickets.

For questions regarding vaccinations, to make a reservation or to apply for the inoculation ticket, you can call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English, Chinese and Korean.

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