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2022.10.31[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Things to be careful about as the season changes】

Well, we are now in November and it's the time of year when that cold of winter creeps in. And although the weather in this month of seasonal change is relatively pleasant, it's also a time when people tend to feel a bit under the weather. The main reason is due to the difference in temperature messing with your nervous system. The temperature difference between day and night is pretty big during this time and your body has to work hard adjusting your body temperature and perspiration rate at a dizzying pace which throwns your nervous system off balance.
As a result, symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, stiff shoulders, rough skin, and lethargy start to show up. Some people say it's at this time of the year when shoulders tend to stiffen the most.
To get through this time of year in good health, we should take better care of our bodies than usual by eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough sleep, taking a bath to promote blood circulation, and listening to music to relax. That doesn't sound so terrible, does it?! Also be careful of the dry air and the sudden drops in temperature over the season, and try not to catch a cold as it is cold season. I wish the best of health to you all through the winter!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Information about Covid Vaccinations 

Now, I have some information for you from Fukuoka City about Covid-19 vaccinations.

Fukuoka City has been working toward making sure everyone who hopes to be vaccinated can do so with peace of mind.

In Fukuoka City, vaccination tickets for the Omicron variant for those who will receive their third or fourth doses of the vaccine have started being sent out. Currently, tickets for the fourth dose are being sent out.

When the inoculation coupon arrives, please visit the reservation site or call the vaccine call center to make a reservation. Please wait until that coupon does arrive.

If you haven't received that coupon, please phone the call center to have it issued again. 

People who have recently relocated to Fukuoka City from overseas and who hope to get vaccinated need to fill out an application to receive the inoculation tickets.

For questions regarding vaccinations, to make a reservation or to apply for the inoculation ticket, you can call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English.


Covid and Influenza Prevention 

Also, as winter approaches, the spread of influenza or the flu always becomes more prevalent.

And with Covid spreading at the same time, it is possible to get sick with both.

So, in order to prevent that, keep doing what you've been doing to prevent the spread of Covid. Meaning that you should keep washing your hands, wearing a mask and maintaining distance from others. By doing all of this, you can also help to prevent the spread of the flu. Getting an influenza vaccination is also recommended to help prevent the sickness from becoming too heavy if you do get sick. In fact, both the Covid vaccine and influenza vaccine can be given at the same time, if that is something you are worried about!

2022.10.24[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【Mandarin Oranges】
I don't know if you've noticed them in the supermarket and at the vegetable shops yet, but mikan, or mandarin oranges have started appearing in pretty large numbers. Actually mikan season varies by the type of mandarin, but in the winter, when shipments are at their largest nationwide, it's generally considered to be the main season.
The term mikan in Japan actually refers mostly to Unshu mikan and these account for about 70% of the the citrus harvested in Japan.
In Fukuoka Prefecture, Miyama City, Omuta City, Yame City , and Chikugo City are the main production areas for Unshu mikan.
Another variety, the golden yellow "Fukuoka Mikan" is delicious just to look at. Once its delicate morsels are peeled and popped into your mouth, you'll find the juicy pulp overflows with juice, while the sweet, moderately sour, and refreshing flavor fills the mouth.
This seasonal delicacy can be enjoyed only from late September to late March every year. So, take a look at your local green grocer or supermarket and sample this season's fruit.



Fukuoka City Information】

Environmental Festival 2022

Now, I have some information from Fukuoka City about Environmental Festival 2022. At the end of this week, on Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th, the Kankyo Festival, or Environmental Festival 2022 will be held at the Fureai Hiroba on the west side of Fukuoka City Hall.

The festival will be on from 10am to 4 pm over those two days and is being put on by the Environmental Festival Fukuoka Executive Committee, made up of the City of Fukuoka and other organizations, with the aim of encouraging people to learn about environmental issues and change the way they do things in a fun manner. Admission is free and there's lots to do. There will be an "ECO Experiment Stage" featuring environmental issues, storytelling by picture book authors, and a stamp rally using a black light to experience "botanical light," which generates electricity with the power of plants.

There will also be a book exchange, a next-generation car exhibition and test-ride event, and a "buy what you want, buy as much as you want" event, the “hakari-uri marche”. At this market, you buy what you want like nuts, coffee beans or other things by weight, and take them home in containers you've already brought from home. It's a great way to reduce
waste, be kind to the environment, and is easy on your wallet!

So, this Saturday and Sunday, enjoy getting in touch with a more eco-friendly life at the "Environmental Festival Fukuoka!"

This year, the festival will be held as an in-person event and an online event.

During the online event, the Fukuoka City SDGs Student Supporters, made up of student members who have a desire to "learn about the environment" and "think about what we can do", will share a whole ton of information on the environment! So make sure you check that out as well!

2022.10.17[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【Autumn Flowers “Kiku” The Chrysanthemum】

This morning's topic is the Chrysanthemum, an autumn flower here in Japan. It's actually one of the symbolic flowers of Japan, and is even used as a symbol of the imperial family. It is also the birth flower for the month of November, traditionally considered a symbol of wisdom and nobility.

Interestingly, Fukuoka Prefecture is the third largest producer of chrysanthemums in Japan.

From October to November, when chrysanthemums are in full bloom, "kikka-ten"

or chrysanthemum exhibitions are held in gardens and botanical gardens throughout Fukuoka. Dazaifu Tenmangu holds an exhibition from November 1 to November 25, and Munakata Taisha has theirs from November 1 to November 22. This Kikka-ten is one of the largest exhibitions of chrysanthemums in western Japan, so why not come and see these magnificent blossoms?

I went to the Dazaifu one a few years back and was surprised at the variety and the size of some of the chrysanthemums on display. It was a pretty impressive exhibition and it was also right in time for the fall foliage around the area. Not to mention that the weather was great, not too hot or too cold. Both Dazaifu and Munakata make great days out, so I would definitely recommend checking out one or both of these Kikka-ten.



【Fukuoka City Information】

The Creators 2022

Now, I have some information for you from Fukuoka City about an event happening next weekend called The Creators 2022.

The Creators 2022, is an event for experiencing creativity and entertainment and will be held on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23. It will be held at Fureai Plaza on the west side of Fukuoka City Hall, Fukuoka City Science Museum, Fukuoka City Art Museum, and other locations.

There will also be online streaming available for those who can't make it to any of the venues. It's a way to enjoy the event even if you can't be there in person.

At the main venue, the Fureai Plaza on the west side of Fukuoka City Hall, there will be a music stage with dynamic lighting and screens, talk sessions with creators, and interactive booths by creativity-related companies.

In addition, there will be a digital art exhibition at the Fukuoka City Science Museum where you can play with sounds and images, as well as screening of a number of video works at the Fukuoka City Museum of Art, and many other events over the two day event.

You won't want to miss this fun and interactive event!

You can get more information if you look at the website //the-creator.jp/

2022.10.10[Mon] 09:00

Japanese(日本語) , Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽) , Other Topics(その他)

【Moving Day】

Did you know that the 13th of October is Moving Day? I had no idea. It seems that it was  created to commemorate the arrival of Emperor Meiji from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1868.

At that time, the Emperor moved from Kyoto to Tokyo with thousands of people in tow. He distributed gifts and money to the people along the way in a a pretty spectacular manner. By doing this, he moved the capital of Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo.

 To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this move, Japan's first "eki-den" (relay race) was held. This was a long-distance relay race that started at Kyoto’s Sanjō Bridge and stretched the roughly 500 kilometers to Tokyo, concluding after three days at the banks of Ueno’s Shinobazu Pond. The sport has proliferated since, and Japan now boasts some 100 competitions, but it was originally born as a result of Emperor Meiji's big move. I can't say I've had such impressive moves to any of my homes, can you? I've moved quite a few times around the city though and can give you a bit of advice if you are planning a move. First, plan in advance. Sometimes it's hard with apartment contracts ending and the time you have to get out of the old place and into a new place, but if you can reserve a moving company well in advance, it'll save you from some headaches. Call up a few places and negotiate for a good price, I've had friends that were able to get much lower prices than their original quotes. If you need to box things up yourself, you can get pretty sturdy boxes at the supermarket, just ask the staff where they put their discarded boxes. They're free to take.  I've also cycled between old and new places, carrying things a bit at a time, but that was during my last move. I was able to move in at any time to the new place, so I could work out the closing of the old place at my own pace. I didn't carry everything by bicycle of course, but getting the smaller things out really made a difference at the end when we just needed to get a few big items.

Moving can be stressful, so if you are making a move, I hope it is stress free and quick!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Japanese Speech Contest

Now, I have information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation.

Have you heard of the International Japanese Speech Contest that they hold every year?

Well, this year, the International Speech Contest will take place on Saturday, October 29th from 1pm in the Science Hall  at the Fukuoka City Science Museum.  Speeches are given by students from Japanese classes and from Japanese language schools in the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. The topic of the speech is up to the participant and ranges from their experiences living in Fukuoka City to their dreams for the future, of course, delivered in Japanese. If you have a chance, come and support these students and listen to the fruits of their language study labor!  If you are planning to attend the contest, you do need to make a reservation. Reservations can be made through the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website.

For more information you can also call the Fukuoka City International Foundation and speak to the Japanese Speech Contest Executive Committee at 092-262-1744.


Foreign Language Newletter FCIF Autumn Edition Release

"FCIF", a foreign-language information paper on daily life, Japanese culture, events and more, is published every three months in English, Chinese, and Korean for the foreign residents living and working in Fukuoka.
The theme of the autumn issue of FCIF, which was published this month, is "Let's Enjoy the Arts in Fukuoka.”
In addition to introducing spots and events where you can enjoy the arts in Fukuoka, the paper also has interviews with foreign residents living in Fukuoka and other useful information for your daily life. So, definitely pick it up and take a look at it!
You can get the newsletter at your ward office, the Information Plaza at City Hall, and Fukuoka International House.
You can also visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation website at www.fcif.or.jp to see this newsletter.

2022.10.03[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【Do you do sports?】

Well, today I guess I'll start off with a question for you. Do you do any kind of sports on a regular basis? I try to do a few exercises a week with Fitness Blender, one website I love with lots of exercise videos. I used to go jogging and play tennis, over the last couple of years, I've found myself spending a lot more time indoors. And that's not unusual, with more people working at home now, it's easy to spend the whole day without once stepping outside. Sitting all day on a chair can be tough on the body, there are definitely back and shoulder aches and pains that come with it, so why not put aside a set time every day for a little bit of stretching?

If you are out of the house for work or running errands, doing little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or commuting to work on foot are things you can easily do to get your body moving and blood pumping a bit.

If you decide to do some walking or jogging in the evening, be careful of cars, motorbikes and bicycles.

In the low lights, it is, of course, harder to see what is going on around you, and it is also harder for others to see you which increases the risk of accidents happening. In this season, the sun sets earlier, so it's important to be even more careful as we head deeper into the season and begin to lose daylight even earlier. Of course, there is a pretty easy solution to help you out. Wear brightly colored clothing and use reflective materials or LED lights when you do go out. I like to go walking in the evening, especially when I haven't had time to do an exercise routine during the day. I've got an armband that lights up, I bought it at Sunny supermarket and it really helps cars and bikes to see me.



【Fukuoka City Information】

Myo-jyo-waraku 2022

Now, I've got some information from Fukuoka City about an event happening soon. It's called Myo-jyo-waraku 2022, and will be held from Wednesday, October 12 to Saturday, October 15. Myo-jyo-waraku was launched in 2011 as a festival for people involved in technology and creativity and is a festival where people from all walks of life, regardless of age or status, come together to create new things.

This years theme is GENTEN, or Origin.

And to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the declaration of "Startup City Fukuoka," in which Fukuoka City launched its support for startups during the 2012 Myo-jyo-waraku , a talk session will be held during the event, to look back at Startup City Fukuoka's origin from various perspectives.

In this talk session, participants will look back over the past 10 years of Fukuoka City's startup scene, examine the growth of its ecosystem, and talk about the future.
Other events will be held including art and creative-themed events and workshops at a campsite on the 14th and 15th.

For more information on the event, please search "MYOJOWARAKU2022" or visit the official website, https://myojowaraku.net/

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