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2023.01.30[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Winter Flavors-Oysters and the Oyster Huts at Bayside】

It is very much Oyster season. Do you know where you can have some delicious oysters in the center of Fukuoka?

The answer to that is the "Oyster Hut at Bayside" which is open until March 26 for a limited time at "Bayside Hakata".  It's the nearest port to Tenjin and Hakata and is a place where you can enjoy oysters while feeling the sea breeze.


At the Oyster Hut, visitors can enjoy oysters, seafood, meat, and other ingredients grilled over charcoal in a barbecue style.

The venue's outdoor facility, "Bayside Canopy," is spacious and well ventilated but still warm from the warmth of a charcoal fire. Oysters are sold for 1,100 yen per basket.


One popular menu item is gan-gan-yaki, a fisherman's dish in which oysters and other seafood are stuffed into a can and steamed over an open fire just as they are. The texture is light and fluffy and the taste is exquisite!

It's something to enjoy and compare with the taste of the grilled oysters!

I haven't actually been to an oyster hut in years, but a group of us used to go every winter. It's a fun experience and even if you don't like oysters, there are a variety of other foods to grill up.

It is one of those flavors that is unique to winter here so why not enjoy a meal at one of these easily accessible oyster huts in Fukuoka City?




【Fukuoka City Information】

Lifestyle Related Disease Prevention Month

February is Life-style related disease prevention month.

These are diseases that develop due to, as you may have guessed, our life-style. Life-style related diseases include diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks and are caused by a lack of regular exercise and by nutritionally imbalanced diets. Smoking, excessive drinking and stress can also cause life-style related diseases.


To maintain a healthy life-style, balanced and appropriately portioned meals, three times a day at regular times, is key.  Constantly eating nutritionally unbalanced foods, like instant meals or greasy foods, can cause obesity and diabetes. They also say that chewing your food properly is important in a healthy diet as it will reduce the burden on your digestive system and strengthen the muscles around the mouth. Taking your time to eat, spending at least 20 minutes enjoying your meal is suggested.


Regular exercise is also important as the loss of muscle mass due to a lack of exercise will affect your basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn as your body performs basic life-sustaining functions. If this rate decreases, it's more likely you'll gain weight. It also increases your risk of getting diseases such as diabetes. So make time to exercise to maintain your muscle strength and mass. Even if you don't have much time, aim to add on an additional 10 minutes of walking to your day. It will go a long way toward your health.

Sleep is also essential to your health. It plays an important role in our health as it allows us to get rid of mental and physical fatigue and boosts our immunity. And of course, immunity is what helps keep us from getting sick. But to maintain our immunity, it's important that we are getting enough sleep and that our sleep is good quality sleep. The best way to do this is to not use your smartphone before going to bed. You should also avoid watching TV or drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages before bed. They will all affect the quality of your sleep. Instead, find another way to relax, perhaps by taking a bath before bed, or doing whatever is it you like to do to relax. It's important to live a stress-free life. Perhaps this is a chance to take another look at your own daily life-style.

2023.01.23[Mon] 09:00

Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽) , Other Topics(その他)

【Seasonal Ingredients-Renkon】

Today, I'd like to talk about an ingredient that we often see around this time of year.
Have you heard of the vegetable "ren-kon"?
If you haven't, well, RENKON" is the enlarged underground stem of the lotus, which looks like a root, hence the name "lotus root" in English. Maybe you've seen it, but didn't know the name. When it's cut into slices, you'll see that it has holes in it, which is supposed to be "good for the future" and "good for your future prospects” because you can see through it. If you had the New Year's dish, osechi, this year, you might have seen it. It is supposed to bring the wish for a bright new year ahead.

Honestly, I can say I haven't seen it in any kind of regular cooking in the US, but in Korea, where my mom is from, we definitely ate  it. I had it at Korean restaurants in the US as well, it was usually a side dish that came out with the kimchi and other dishes. I love it, I especially like it with seasoned mince meat sandwiched inside, which I make at home sometimes.

Chikuzen-ni, a local dish of Fukuoka Prefecture, also uses lotus root, and is loved by the locals. Chikuzen-ni is a kind of simmered dish and I think it's a pretty standard household recipe. In saying that, although lotus root is a familiar ingredient that can be found in supermarkets, it is difficult to cook and eat chikuzen-ni by yourself, as you usually need to make a big old pot of it!

These days, it is sold at even convenience stores as a side dish that can be eaten just by heating it up, so if you don't plan on making a huge pot all for yourself, then pick up a pack and give this traditional Fukuoka dish a try!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Fukuoka was Chosen by the Lonely Planet!

Now, I have some information from Fukuoka City.

I don't know if you've heard, I saw this information on twitter, but in the "Best in Travel 2023" which announces the best destinations to visit in 2023 according to The Lonely Planet, Fukuoka was selected and it was the only selection in Japan!
Fukuoka was selected for the "Food" category, Lonely Planet which, if you've never used it, is a travel guidebook that boasts the world's largest market share and is read mainly in Europe and the United States. Every year, in the autumn, this guidebook announces its choices for the next year.
Naturally, all of us who live here know that Fukuoka has great food, but Fukuoka is attracting attention internationally for its rich variety of food culture, from yatai (food stalls) and ramen to trendy bars and coffee shops.
If you are interested in which shops were listed, just Search "Best in Travel 2023" . Maybe one of your regular haunts is on the list!


2023.01.16[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Making a Healthy Year the Goal】

After the New Year's holiday and New Year's holidays, when we've enjoyed ourselves to the fullest, many of us feel a bit more conscious of our waistlines. If that's the case, why not start a little exercise this year and make it a habit to keep you healthy throughout the year?

Whether it is jogging, swimming, yoga, or going to the gym, choosing an exercise routine that fits your personality, preferences, and lifestyle will make it last longer. And of course, along with your exercise routine, make sure to eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep.

Also, looking at a monitor screen for a long time, like on a computer, smartphone, or tablet, can really tire your eyes out. If you're feeling some strain from staring at a screen all day, it might be a good idea to warm up and relax your eyes.

An easy way to do this is to take a shower, just close your eyes, and just let that warm water run over your eyelids. Make sure you keep them shut tight so that you don't get water in them! Of course, you can't always just jump in the shower, so another way to warm your eyes is with a warm, damp towel. Make sure it's not so hot that it'll burn your eyelids. You can prep the towel in the microwave or by soaking it in hot water. If you combine that towel with your bath time, you'll get to soak and relax your eyes.

There are also commercial eye masks and facial steamers available on the market, so whether you use them, or something that you have at home, you can easily take care of yourself and enjoy an easy and healthy year!



【Info From Fukuoka City】

Be Careful about the Norovirus

As you may know, winter is the season when it's very easy to get infectious gastroenteritis and food poisoning due to the Norovirus. It's a strong virus and can be transmitted even with very little contact.

The virus enters your body via the food you eat or from your hands from touching something. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. You can get the virus through inhalation if someone with the virus in the area has been vomiting or had diarrhea. You can also get it from foods that have been cooked by somebody infected by the virus. It can also be transmitted by eating shellfish, like oysters, that haven't been thoroughly cooked and are carrying the virus.

Severe vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration. So if you think you have caught the virus, get checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. You'll recover in a few days but the virus can hang around for a week to a month, even in your stools, and so it is possible to infect others, something we need to be careful about.

We can take measures to prevent the spread of infection, however. Be sure to wash your hands with soap before preparing meals, before eating and after using the toilet. Make sure you wash your utensils and cooking tools thoroughly after each use and disinfect them with bleach or boiling water. Alcohol disinfectants aren't that effective against the Norovirus, but heat is. The Norovirus is killed at temperatures of 85-90 degrees Celsius.

So, make sure that when you cook, things are cooked thoroughly and that you wash any fruits and veggies that you don't cook. And, of course, if you don't feel well, try to stay away doing too much in the kitchen.

2023.01.09[Mon] 09:00

Japanese(日本語) , Other Topics(その他)

【Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week】
In Japan, January 15 through January 21 is recognized as "Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week," which was established after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that rocked Japan on January 17, 1995. Because the damage was so great, there was a limit to the amount of help that could be provided by the government alone. It is said that the earthquake made people realize the importance of helping each other in the community and neighborhoods and also taking measure to protect oneself.

In light of this, "Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Day" on January 17 and " Volunteer Week" from January 15-21 were established to remind people of the importance of disaster preparedness and of voluntary disaster prevention and of volunteer activities in the event of a disaster. So, take some time today to think about how you need to prepare in case of disaster in line with Disaster Prevention and Volunteer Week.


【Fukuoka City Information】

Now I have some information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation.

The Japanese Chatting Salon

Today's information is for any international students who are studying in Fukuoka. Do you know about the monthly Japanese Chatting Salon? It's an event where international students and Japanese volunteers can have a casual conversation. It takes place once a month and the next time it is happening is on Tuesday, January 31st.

Using Zoom, international students and Japanese volunteers meet one on one or in small groups to talk about topics that interest them. If you are looking for a chance to use daily Japanese as well as practice the Japanese you've learned in class, or just want to chat with a native Japanese speaker, then definitely join in! The sessions are free but you do need to apply in advance. 

To apply for this event, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website or the Facebook page. The Foundation's website is www.fcif.or.jp. If there is anything that you don't understand, just contact the Foundation and speak to someone in the Fukuoka International Student Support Association. The number to call is 092-262-1744. Again that number is 092-262-1744. They are looking forward to hearing from you!


The Winter Issue of FCIF and the End of Publication

And, the Fukuoka City Foundation also wants to let you know that the winter issue of FCIF, the foreign-language information paper about things like life in Fukuoka City and Japanese culture, has been published.

The theme of this issue is "Hakata's Winter Food Culture.

It includes interviews with foreign residents living in Fukuoka, procedures for enrolling in municipal elementary and junior high schools, and useful information on the My Number Card and other issues in daily life, so make sure you take a look.

You can get the paper at places such as your ward office, the Information Plaza at City Hall, and the Fukuoka International Student Housing.


You can also view it on the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website at www.fcif.or.jp.

Please note that with this winter issue, the publication  of "FCIF" will come to an end.

In order to provide timely and flexible information, the Foundation will continue to provide useful information through their website and social media.

2023.01.02[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健) , Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽)

【The New Year and Fukuoka's Unique Tradition-Hatsumode, the First Shrine visit to 3 Shrines】

So, how are you spending the new year? Yesterday was the 1st of January and I guess a lot of people were at home with their families eating new year's dishes and hanging out. Did anyone climb a mountain to see the first sunrise? I just relaxed with my cats. I'll try to get out for some of the new year bargains but I'll wait until the crowds are gone. I know I'll probably miss out on the best deals, but I don't mind.

Speaking of the new year in Japan, there is a tradition called Hatsumode. Hatsumode is making a shrine visit at the very beginning of the year to pray that your year will be a full and happy year. It's a custom that has carried on from a long time ago.

In Fukuoka, the custom of hatsumode means to do sansha-mairi or three shrine visits in the new year.

If you plan on doing the three visits, you can visit your favorite shrine, or even one near your house, everyone has their own custom, but if you are planning on doing shrine visits in the Fukuoka city area, in Tenjin or Hakata, you could visit Kushida, Sumiyoshi and Kego shrines. Do you think you'll do Sansha-mairi this year? I usually do three shrines, Kego is almost always on the list, and I sometimes do Hakozaki and Atago, if I have time. There are a few shrines near my house, so it isn't too hard to get all three in!



【Information from Fukuoka City】

Information about Covid Vaccinations

Now, I have some information for you from Fukuoka City about Covid-19 vaccinations.

Fukuoka City has been working toward making sure everyone who hopes to be vaccinated can do so with peace of mind.

In Fukuoka City, vaccination tickets for the Omicron variant for those who will receive their third, fourth or fifth doses of the vaccine are being sent out. The vaccination for the omicron variant will be limited to one time per person. Vaccination vouchers are being sent out to those were vaccinated at least three months before.

When the inoculation coupon arrives, please visit the reservation site or call the vaccine call center to make a reservation. Please wait until that coupon does arrive.

If you haven't received that coupon, please phone the call center to have it issued again.

People who have recently relocated to Fukuoka City from overseas and who hope to get vaccinated need to fill out an application to receive the inoculation tickets.

For questions regarding vaccinations, to make a reservation or to apply for the inoculation ticket, you can call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English, Chinese and Korean.


The Fukuoka Prize Presentation  Ceremony

Fukuoka City honors those who have contributed to academic research, art, and culture in Asia by presenting the "Fukuoka Prize. This year's award ceremony, the 32nd, was held on December 22nd .This year's awardees were taiko drummer HAYASHI Eitetsu, art historian TIMON SCREECH, and Artist Shahzia SIKANDER. The award ceremony, held with great fanfare, will soon be available to watch on YouTube. If you are interested, just check the Fukuoka Prize website for the link to that video.If you are interested, just check the Fukuoka Prize website for the video link. That website is https://fukuoka-prize.org.


Fukuoka Prize: Invitation to an event with a past Fukuoka Prize winner

If the Fukuoka Prize winners are people that interest you, then you'll be interested to hear that the 17th Academic Research Award winner, historian Dr. Takeshi Hamashita, has been invited to give a lecture on Saturday, February 4, 2023. His lecture is titled "Considering Asia from the Sea" and will be held at Nishijin Plaza in Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City. For details, please see News & Topics on the Fukuoka Prize website.

We are currently accepting applications for participants, so if you are interested, please join us!


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