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2023.03.27[Mon] 09:00

DJ's Recommend(DJのオススメ)

【DJ Recommendations – Spring Walks】
Are you feeling a little sluggish or out of sorts with the change in the seasons? How about taking a walk to refresh yourself?

Tenjin Central Park, located in the center of Fukuoka City, is an urban oasis created on the site of the former Fukuoka Prefectural Government Office. The park covers a total area of approximately 31,000 square meters, making it a great spot for a stroll.
The park is also popular as a cherry blossom viewing spot, and there is a large natural grass plaza in the center of the park where you can picnic, nap or enjoy other relaxing outdoor activities. The fountain plaza you'll find in the park, lined with Parthenon-like columns, is made of stone and other materials used in the former Fukuoka Prefectural Office Building, and its nostalgic atmosphere is just as symbolic as the park itself.

The Nishi-Nakasu area across the river from Tenjin Central Park is called "HARENO GARDEN," and is home to the Kihin-kan, an important cultural property of Japan. There you'll also find great bakeries and a number of restaurants. Popular with tourists, it is a good place to spend time in a café or to buy bread or coffee to eat in the park.
There is also a "fuku-haku-deai-bashi" bridge at the other end of the park, which has been used in a number of films and TV dramas. When you're on the bridge, you'll find it hard to resist taking a photo there of yourself. As you walk through the park from one end to the other you'll find so many ways to enjoy your stroll.

Another good place for a walk in Fukuoka city is "Ohori Park "!
Ohori Park is a park built around a pond. The pond is about 2 km around and has a well-maintained jogging course that follows it.
You can also actually cross to the island in the center of the pond. The path that traverses the pond is connected by four bridges and is a wonderful place for a stroll. As you walk along the path, you can almost forget that you're in the middle of a major metropolitan city, with the sound of the birds and the trees surrounding you. The pavilion that juts out into the water is a nice place for pictures, especially around sunset.
You'll also find a boathouse at Ohori park where you can rent row boats or swan boats to take a tour of the pond. A lot of people do this and it's a fun way to relax and spend time at the park.
Fukuoka is an area rich in nature. And walks around the city will allow you to find your favorite natural area. If history is something you are interested in, you'll also find plenty of that in Fukuoka with the ruins of Fukuoka Castle and the many temples and shrines dotted around the city.
There are many unique places to visit in Fukuoka. Enjoy walking the streets of Fukuoka in the spring season and discover something new, whether you are a recent resident of the city or someone who has been here for years.


The new season's message

Well that's it for the program today. I want to say thank you very much to all of you who have tuned in every week for Life in Fukuoka. Next week marks the fourth year of this program, "Life in Fukuoka," which began in April 2020!

So, once again thank you for listening to our broadcasts and podcasts and I look forward to all of our future shows!

We will continue to provide useful information and fun topics for foreigners living in Fukuoka. If you have any suggestions for things you want to hear about, things you want more information on, then please, feel free to send messages to me or to the show!

You can send your message to 761@lovefm.co.jp with "Life in Fukuoka English" in the title.

2023.03.20[Mon] 09:00

Japanese(日本語) , Community(コミュニティ)

【Spring Cleaning】

In Japan, the big house clean up is usually done in December right before the new year, but there are many advantages to cleaning in the spring.
For example, in winter it's pretty cold, so cleaning outside and cleaning around kitchen and bathrooms tends to feel like a hassle, but in spring, it is warmer, so it is easier to get motivated to do these chores. Plus, opening windows and doors for ventilation is actually pretty nice, and oil stains are easier to remove when the temperature is higher. This is really the season for efficient cleaning. Humidity is also lower on many days, so mold is less likely to form. Laundry also dries quickly, making it easy to wash curtains, sofa covers, and other large items.
If you do a big spring clean now along with changing up your room and clothes, your home will be spotless and you will feel pretty fresh and new. You can start this new season completely refreshed.
If you were slacking a bit at the end of last year, why not take this opportunity now to do a thorough house cleaning?



 【Fukuoka City Information】

Now, I have some information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation for you.

Using Line Call for Information and Advice

The Fukuoka City International Foundation does have an official LINE account.

If you connect with the Foundation's official LINE account, you can make an appointment for consultations on daily life or free professional consultation using the LINE call feature. Telephone consultations are available in 22 languages, so please feel free to contact them. In addition, you can get information on the Foundation's events and announcements for international residents. Please add the Foundation's official LINE account to your friends' list from the Fukuoka City International Foundation website. The foundation will not accept consultations via the LINE talk chat function, but you can use the inquiry form on the foundation's website if you want to send a message about anything.


The Japanese Chatting Salon

To continue, I've also got some information for any international students who are studying in Fukuoka. The Fukuoka City International Foundation holds a “chatting salon” once a month where, international students and Japanese volunteers have a chance to chat. The next session is online, on Friday, March 31st.

Using Zoom, international students and Japanese volunteers meet one on one or in small groups to talk about topics that interest them. So if you are looking for a chance to use daily Japanese as well as practice the Japanese you've learned in class, or just want to chat with a native Japanese speaker, then definitely join in! The sessions are free but you do need a reservation.

To make a reservation, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website or its Facebook page. The web address is www.fcif.or.jp. If there is anything that you don't understand feel free to contact the Fukuoka International Student Support Association at 092-262-1744. Again that number is 092-262-1744. Phone calls will be accepted from 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Definitely check it out! They're looking forward to hearing from you!

2023.03.13[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【March 17th Manga Weekly Magazine Day】

As I've mentioned before, Japan has a number of unusual anniversary days. March 17th, happens to be Manga Weekly Magazine Day.

So, what is this day and why is the 17th the date for it?

Well, it seems that on this day in 1959, the first weekly magazines targeted toward kids were sold for the first time. These two magazines were Shonen Magazine and Shonen Sunday.

Both of these manga magazines are still being published today and Weekly Shonen Magazine, which went for 40 yen when it was first sold, is still only 340 yen.

Manga is, of course, very popular in Japan with kids to adults enjoying the huge variety of manga available to them.

In the US, manga is also very popular. It's a lot more common now, but it was kind of difficult to get when I was a teen. Actually, I worked at a bookstore when I was 18 and loved watching anime and reading manga. I actually ordered quite a lot of translated manga for the bookstore and managed to get a small section for it. It turned out to be popular with the customers and expanded to several bookshelves. My favorites at the time were Takahashi Rumiko's Maison Ikkoku and Ranma ½.

These days it's much easier to get manga, and anime even, online from anywhere in the world. Is there anything you like to read or watch? I'm a big fan of Meitantei Conan or Detective Conan, as well as One Piece.

Although some manga are pretty difficult to read with complicated plots and loads of difficult kanji, there are quite a few that are a lot easier and pretty fun, if you are trying to find other ways to study Japanese. I found Meitantei Conan to be pretty good for my studies!



【Fukuoka City Information】

Covid Vaccinations

Now, I have some information for you from Fukuoka City about Covid-19 vaccinations.

Fukuoka City has been working toward making sure everyone who hopes to be vaccinated can do so with peace of mind.

In Fukuoka City, vaccination tickets for the Omicron variant for those who will receive their third, fourth or fifth doses of the vaccine are being sent out. The vaccination for the omicron variant will be limited to one time per person. Vaccination vouchers are being sent out to those were vaccinated at least three months before.

When the inoculation coupon arrives, please visit the reservation site or call the vaccine call center to make a reservation. Please wait until that coupon does arrive.

If you haven't received that coupon, please phone the call center to have it issued again.

People who have recently relocated to Fukuoka City from overseas and who hope to get vaccinated need to fill out an application to receive the inoculation tickets.

For questions regarding vaccinations, to make a reservation or to apply for the inoculation ticket, you can call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English, Chinese and Korean.

2023.03.06[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【March's seasonal vegetable-Nira or Garlic Chives】
Now that we are in March, the days are getting warmer and warmer, but you may still find the evenings a bit chilly. That temperature gap can be a bit rough on the body since you might still be feeling a bit tired out from the cold of winter, so to keep yourself feeling good and strong, it's important that you eat lots of good seasonal foods with plenty of nutrients.
One of those foods happens to be Nira, the garlic chive, which is in season in March.
Allicin, the unique aroma component of garlic chives, is said to increase the absorption rate of vitamin B1 and convert sugar into energy.
One dish that happens to contain a lot of vitamin B1 and allicin is sauteed liver and nira. It is a kind of stamina food and is one way to boost your energy.
When you buy nira, it's good to remember that they are freshest when they are bright green all over, firm to the tips of the leaves and look fresh.
Make an active effort to take advantage of the foods of each season to boost your immune system.



【Fukuoka City Information】

Avoiding the Rush When Moving House

March and April are busy months for moving house and as a result, the consultation desks at your local ward offices may be quite crowded. The period between March 20th and April 10th are especially busy with wait times of 2 to 3 hours, so if you can try to avoid that period. However, that's not always possible,and if you find that you're too busy on weekdays to submit the notification of your move to the ward office, then you'll be glad to know that there are several weekend days when the offices are open for paperwork related to moving in or out of the city.

On Sunday the 26th of March and Sunday the 2nd of April, Fukuoka City ward offices and their branches will be temporarily opened from 10am to 2pm to take paperwork in regards to moving in or out of the city. 

If you are moving out of Fukuoka City, you do not have to go to the ward office to report your move-out. You can do so by mail or online if you have your My Number Card.
If you are moving from one place to another inside Fukuoka city you do not need the notification of the move out of your previous residence, you just need to submit notification that you have moved into your new residence.

There is now an online service available to make reservations with the ward office to take care of moving procedures. Reservations can even be done via a smartphone but must be made by 8:30 am, 5 business days before your desired date. You just need to send the date you want to go in, and information about your address change. With this system, an appointment can be easily arranged and the process at the consultation desk will take less time.
If you have any questions, you can check with the ward office using a telephone interpreter.
The telephone number is 092-753-6113. Again, that phone number is 092-753-6113.
Tell them you are moving to Fukuoka City and would like to discuss moving procedures with the ward where you live.

One more process that you should remember when moving is making sure you call to have your water turned on or turned off. You will need to have the notification of your move for this. Please call at least 4 business days before you move to arrange this. The phone number for that is 092-532-1010. Again, that number is 092-532-1010. Phone calls will be accepted in languages other than Japanese. This process can also be done online.


Garbage from Moving House

Also with Spring and the moving season, this time tends to be when we see a lot more oversized garbage, like furniture and home electronics. Fortunately, I have information on how to use the Oversized Garbage Disposal Center to get rid of all of that.

The first way to do it is by applying for pickup with the Oversized Garbage Disposal Center. First, contact them by phone or by internet, or even through the Official Fukuoka City Line Account, to put in your application and then purchase the appropriate oversized garbage disposal ticket at the convenience store or other shops.

The garbage pickup day will be roughly one week after you apply.

You must put out the garbage by 8:30am on the collection day in the designated spot.

The phone number for the Oversized Garbage Disposal Center is 092-731-1153. Again, that number is 092-731-1153.

If you apply via the internet or Line, you can do so at your convenience, 24 hours a day.

For TV's, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, clothes dryers and air conditioners, according to the home appliance recycling law, there are specific guidelines for disposal.

You can have the old appliance removed by the firm installing the new one or you can contact the store where you originally bought the appliance. You can also contact the Yamada Denki in your city about disposal. Recycling fees as well as fees for collection and transport will be required.

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