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2021.10.25[Mon] 09:00

DJ's Recommend(DJのオススメ)


Well, as you know, Sunday, October 31st is Halloween! Yay!

The Origins of Halloween

Halloween is a  tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts that they believed would appear on the night of October 31st.  Nowadays, any connections it had to religion are fading and it has become popular in a number of countries as a time when kids dress up in scary costumes and get sweets, and people enjoy scary events like haunted houses and horror shows. In the US, Halloween is a huge event, people seem to start getting ready for it as soon as September ends. I remember getting really excited for caramel-covered apple flavored lollipops and trips to haunted houses and haunted mazes with my friends when I was in high school and university. When I was even younger in elementary school, planning my costume and then going trick or treating was the highlight of the month. The scary thing was when my father would find my candy bag and eat all the Reeses peanut butter cups. He was, and still is, a chocolate monster!


Halloween In Japan

In Japan, various events are held across the country as the holiday has become more popular and many people often hold parties with their friends. And of course, if it's going to be a Halloween Party, dressing up is an absolute must. Of course a witch or monster costume is typically the standard but in recent years, characters from movies and especially in Japan, from anime or games have become inspiration for many costumes. And as each year has passed, there are more and more ideas making Halloween a great time for all.


Costume Trends This Year

So what is this year's costume trend, I wonder. Well, if you take a look at popular anime and movies on now, you'll probably have a good idea. We had the Olympics and Paralympics this year as well, so you might be able to find costume inspiration there. Naturally, you can't go wrong with a witch or monster costume but you could also try a costume based in reality, dressing up to show the humour of every day situations and how scary things can be. Dress up as a Zoom meeting participant still in your pajamas or someone at a supermarket who forgot to bring a shopping bag and is trying to carry every thing with out one. I'm not quite sure what I'll get up to this year, I have enough stuff in my house to put together a Halloween costume, thanks to Halloweens in years past, but I'm not sure that I'll go out. I actually might just have a little dinner party at home with my partner, there are a lot of fun, spooky recipes online to try. I suggest witches fingers, sausage mummies or deviled egg eyeballs if you are looking for some Halloween party foods. Just search online and you'll see what I'm talking about!


Practice the 3 C's This Halloween!

Like last year, Covid-19 still hasn't let up, which is pretty scary in itself, so make sure you practice the 3 C's as you celebrate Halloween this year, the easiest way of doing that is by holding a online party at home. You can get a ton of different Halloween themed sweets and decorations at the supermarket and convenience store these days and food delivery services have increased since last year so it's actually pretty easy to stay at home. Anyway, stay safe and have a great Halloween whether you celebrate with family or friends.

2021.10.18[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)

【Dive into the printed page with Book Week】

Autumn is the perfect time for curling up with a book as the days get cooler and more comfortable. Speaking of books, Book Week is coming up. It started in 1974 in Japan, based on the Book Week events seen in the US. It was readily accepted and the very next year, it turned into a two week event with Bunka No Hi, or Culture Day on November 3rd, at its center with an owl as a symbol of the event. Actually, the owl, in ancient Greek myths, was the messenger of Athena, the goddess of beauty who also governed scholarship, arts and wisdom. It's said that she held the owl in esteem as a symbol of wisdom with it's round eyes and face. If you're looking for a good book to read but don't have time to go to the bookstore, why not try the Fukuoka City Digital Library. Just register for it online and read your favorite books on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  Definitely handy to have when the books you want to read are hundreds of pages thick. I really love the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series, but as the series has gone on the books have gotten thicker. The last one was over 800 pages. Just a bit cumbersome to carry around, on a tablet is so much easier!


【Bicycle Manners】

Now, I have some information from Fukuoka City.

I don't know if you are a regular bicycle rider, I certainly am, but I do know that there are a lot of people on bicycles in the city. And did you know that there are some rules and other things you should know about cycling in the city? I guess quite a few more people have started riding bicycles in an effort to avoid the 3 C's as a result of Covid-19 which is why it's important to know what these rules are.


In Japan, bicycles are supposed to pass on the left side of the road and pedestrians have priority while on the sidewalk. So, when you are on the sidewalk, please pass slowly along the side closest to the road. Also, remember to turn on your headlight at night.

If you leave your bicycle parked on the road not in a designated area, it will be taken away, so always park in a designated area. Another thing to be aware of is that riding side by side is not allowed. Of course, cycling while drunk is definitely prohibited and you must not use umbrellas, mobile phones or earphones while cycling as it is dangerous.


From October, people who cycle in Fukuoka City are required to have bicycle insurance. If you have an accident involving another person,while on your bicycle, you may be be required to pay them quite a bit of money. If you have insurance and do happen to get into an accident, causing injury to another person and requiring treatment, insurance will cover those costs instead of you having to pay out of pocket.

So, make sure you sign up for that insurance, just in case there is an accident and of course, make sure you follow traffic rules when cycling. Take your time and be careful when cycling.


【Bicycle Share Charichari】

Speaking of cycling, in Fukuoka City, there is a bicycle sharing service called Charichari. There are over 370 bicycle ports throughout the city and the service area is growing all the time. You need the Charichari app on your phone, but once you have it you can easily rent one of these bicycles. When you're done with the rental, just return it to your nearest port. It costs 6 yen per minute to borrow a bike so, for example, cycling from Tenjin to Hakata, it would take about 10 minutes costing you about 60 yen. It's cheap, easy and convenient so try it out when you have a chance.

2021.10.11[Mon] 09:00

Japanese(日本語) , Housing(住宅) , Events & Entertainment(イベント・娯楽) , Other Topics(その他)

【Osmanthus/Fragrant Olive】

Kinmokusei or Osmanthus fragrans in English, perhaps more commonly know as Fragrant Olive, is in bloom this season, full with it's tiny orange blossoms. You'll probably see it when out walking and will definitely be able to identify it from its sweet smell that fills the air. It's the scent that tells you that fall is right around the corner!

In the past in Japan, this flower was often planted near pit toilets as it was an effective deodorizer. Later, the scent became the standard for toilet air freshening sprays! Perhaps due to that, older generations don't have an overly fond image of the flower. Younger generations however don't have the same association with the flower and tend to enjoy its fragrance.

The flower is actually, also, edible. In China, where the flower is originally from, it is often candied or put into liquors. Yang Guifei, known as one of the 4 beauties of ancient China, was said to drink sake made from Kinmokusei. Hmm, if this was part of her beauty routine then I wonder where can I find some of this sake!

At any rate, it's a flower whose scent can be enjoyed now, just follow your nose!


【Information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation】

The International Japanese Speech Contest

Today, we also have information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation.

Have you heard of the International Japanese Speech Contest that they hold every year?Well, this year, it will take place on October 16th. Speeches are given by students from Japanese classes and from Japanese language schools in the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. The topic of the speech is up to the participant and ranges from their experiences living in Fukuoka City to their dreams for the future, of course, delivered in Japanese. If you have a chance, come and support these students and listen to the fruits of their language study labor! You can attend the contest in person on the day or watch the speeches online later! If you are interested, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website to make reservations to attend or watch the videos of the speeches.


Call for Applications for International Student Housing: Family Rooms】

Alright, next is the call for Applications for International Student Housing. Currently, there are some student housing family rooms open to applications for international students enrolled at Universities in Fukuoka City or the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. To be considered, applicants must be enrolled in a University and also be willing to participate enthusiastically in projects conducted by the Fukuoka City International Foundation. The lease period is for 2 years and single tenants will also be considered.For more information about the application and other requirements, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's homepage or send an email to dorm@fcif.or.jp with any questions you may have.


Information on the Mail Magazine】

And now, I want to share a little information about Fukuoka City International Foundation's monthly mail magazine. The magazine, published in English and Japanese, shares news and information about international exchange events and cooperation and is available to everyone!  Just search for FCIF in your web browser and sign up on the Foundation's website to receive that valuable information! If you want to know more about the Fukuoka City International Foundation or have any questions, you can contact them during the week between 8:45am and 6pm at 092-262-1799. Again, the phone number is 092-262-1799.

2021.10.04[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)

【Coffee Day】

Did you know that October the first was Coffee Day? I didn't know it and I love coffee. I'm ashamed of myself....
I'm definitely a daily coffee drinker, how about you?
Apparently, coffee first made its way to Nagasaki around 1640 as it was among the most prominent ports of the time. It's said that it was brought by a Dutch merchant who was stationed in Dejima, the only place in Japan that allowed international exchange as Japan had closed itself off from the rest of the world during the period of Sakoku.
However, at that time, only a limited number of people had the opportunity to drink coffee, including officials, merchants, interpreters and geisha as these were the only people who came into contact with the people on Dejima.
Fortunately, now, coffee isn't limited to such a small area or number of people! In recent years, quite a few research presentations have been given on the health benefits of coffee and a lot of this information has been picked up and shared by the media and SNS. You can find a lot of the information about it on the internet yourself, if you are interested in knowing how good your morning brew is for you.
I don't know about you, but after all this talk of coffee this morning, I'm starting to crave a cup and if you are too, you're in luck as Fukuoka city has a number of great coffee shops and cafes scattered throughout the city. There are even shops with baristas who have won world champion brewing competitions! Definitely check them out if you have a chance!We brew a lot at home, there's a whole drawer dedicated to coffee in my kitchen, but I do love getting out to good coffee shops as well!

【COVID-19 Vaccination information】

Now, I have some important information from Fukuoka City to share with you. I hope you have all received your vaccination notices from the city. In Fukuoka City, anyone over the age of 12 who is registered as living in the city should have received a COVID-19 vaccination notice in the mail. When you receive it, make sure that you have received both the vaccination tickets and the preliminary health check documents. If you have not yet received your notice, I will give you the phone number you should call a little later. Also, if the address you are at now is different from the address you registered with the city, make sure you go to your ward office to change that.

Once you have received your notice and made a reservation, you will be able to receive your vaccinations. You will receive 2 doses, 3 to 4 weeks apart. You can receive vaccinations at clinics in the area, at the mass vaccination centers in each ward or at the Chuo Wharf Cruise Center. If you choose to go to the Chuo Wharf Cruise Center, there is a free shuttle bus from Tenjin. There are also late night vaccinations available from 10pm to 8 am at the Fukuoka City Hospital.

If you are planning to get vaccinated, make sure you make your reservation in advance.
Please make sure you reserve a day and time before getting your vaccination.
If you can, make reservations for both your first and second vaccination doses on the special reservation website. If making a reservation online is too difficult, reservations can also be made by phone. In order to make a reservation, you must have the number that is printed on your inoculation ticket.

On the day of your vaccination, make sure you have 1 vaccination ticket and your preliminary exam sheet with you, as well as some kind of ID. The vaccination ticket is a sticker, so bring it as it is, on the sheet that it is attached to. DO NOT remove it from the sheet. You will use one preliminary exam sheet and one vaccination sticker at each appointment. So make sure you read the instruction manual before your appointment and fill in all necessary information in advance.
You will be given the vaccine in an area around your shoulder, so make sure you are wearing clothes that allow you to expose your shoulder area easily. Make sure you come wearing a mask.
The prepared number of vaccines must be used on the day, so unless you are feeling ill, please do not suddenly cancel your appointment.
After you receive your vaccination, a sticker will be placed on your vaccination sheet. This shows that you have been vaccinated and is an important document, so make sure you do not lose it.

For information on places that are doing inoculations and for the most up to date information from Fukuoka City, check the Fukuoka City homepage.
For more information about the vaccination program or to arrange for your envelope to be sent again, please call 092-260-8405. Again, that number is 092-260-8405. Calls will be taken between 8:30 am and 5:30pm every day. 7 languages are available at that number, including English, Chinese and Korean.

It will not cost anything to you to get vaccinated. You will not receive a bill for the vaccination. In addition, you will not get phone calls or emails asking for personal information. Please be careful, there have been suspicious phone calls and emails recently.

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