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2020.11.02[Mon] 09:00

Medical Treatment & Health(医療・保健)


Well, Halloween has well and truly established itself in Japan, hasn't it! Although we're now already into November, Halloween was just a couple of days ago,  on October 31st. And it was a Saturday to boot! What did you get up to? Did you happen to catch one of the many Halloween themed events that take place toward the end of October? Over these last few years, it seems that in Fukuoka, and a lot of other places, there seem to be a lot of pretty well established events that take place every year to really get people in the Halloween spirit.

In Japan, Halloween has the feeling of a festival where loads of people enjoy getting dressed up as their favorite characters but did you know that Halloween comes  from a Christian holiday called All Hallow's Day on November 1st. There's actually a Celtic Festival that precedes the Christian holiday, so if you're interested in the the history, do a quick internet search! Anyway, the day before the 1st of November is All Hallow's Eve and if you say it enough times, it does sound like Halloween, which is where it's said the name came from.

Usually I get dressed up for Halloween and head out into town. In past years, I've been Captain Hook, Sadako from The Ring, a Venetian Carnivale type person, a Gypsy,a witch, a crazy scientist...the list goes on. This year, I also enjoyed myself, but didn't put quite as much effort into my costume, I just wanted to have a well deserved beer...I had a full day of work and was pretty scary to look at after! Haha....

【Covid-19 and the Flu Shot】

Speaking of scary, as you know with the onset of colder weather, the Flu seems to start its spread.

This year, we've also got Covid-19 to think about and it's very possible that both the Flu and Covid-19 could be quite prevalent at the same time. And if someone were to catch both the Flu and Covid-19, they would be in for a very rough time. Both illnesses have similar symptoms. They cause fevers, you'll fell heavy, dull and listless and if you don't get checked you won't know the correct treatment for what you have.

So, do what you can to prevent spreading the Flu. And, continue practicing those measures that you've been taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Wash your hands, wear a mask and practice physical distancing. To give yourself some peace of mind and some protection from getting really sick if you catch the Flu, it's recommended that you get a Flu shot, that's an Influenza vaccine.

Fukuoka City, this year, for children from 6 months to 18 years of age, has made available, a Flu shot for 1000 yen per person. Children who will receive the influenza vaccination or guardians who have a smartphone, are asked to install the Covid-19 contact and tracing application , COCOA, before receiving the vaccination.

For those who are 65 years old or older, Fukuoka City has a support system that will give you the influenza vaccination for free. The vaccination is available until the 31st of January 2021. There are designated medical facilities for these vaccinations so make sure you contact one of them by phone and arrange an appointment.


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