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2020.12.21[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー)


Well, happy holidays to everyone, Christmas is almost here,  and I hope people are feeling some of the winter holiday cheer. Christmas is thought to be the day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and they say the word Christmas comes from Christ's Mass. In Japan, it's said that the first Christmas party ever held here was in the beginning of the Meiji period. Now, it has become something of a national event that transcends religion, celebrated at the end of the year even throughout households that don't have anything to do with Christianity.

And, in Japan, when Christmas comes, fried and roast chicken do some good sales. It's a bit of a tradition to see people waiting in long lines outside of chicken fast food shops trying to get their holiday feast.

If you are planning to get together with friends for a Christmas party this year, try to keep your group small, make sure you have plenty of ventilation and try to wrap things up within two hours. Doing a home party online with each of of your friends might not be a bad idea either! I've got a quiet dinner planned for Christmas day and I might try to meet with a couple of friends to do a gift exchange over the weekend but I'll be sure to avoid the 3 C's to keep  myself and everyone else safe!


【Spend the New Year's Holiday safely】

Next, I have some important announcements from Fukuoka City.

From the end of the year to the start of the new year, there are a lot of opportunities to drink alcohol.  So, make sure, 100%,  that you don't drink and drive, don't let others drink and drive, never forgive those who do drink and drive and don't ignore someone who would drink and drive. Even cycling after drinking is against the law. And it's important to remember that you can sometimes have alcohol in your system the next day. Even if you think you only have a little bit of alcohol left in your system, it doesn't mean you should drive, because you shouldn't. If you know that you need to drive the next day, then just don't drink the day before.

Every year, the end of the year sees more and more traffic accidents.  If you are out, late at night, make sure you are wearing bright or reflective clothes that are easy for drivers to notice.  And if you are driving, make sure you turn on your lights earlier in the evening.

Next, we have a warning for you about bag snatching incidents. There have been a number of these crimes from the evening to midnight in places where there are few people around. A lot of these incidents have occurred with the criminals riding motorbikes and snatching bags as they pass by. To avoid being involved in such an incident, make you carry you bag on the side opposite to the road and pay attention to your surroundings, making sure you look back behind you if you sense signs of people or hear a motorbike.

Finally, please be aware that suspicious phone calls claiming to be from the Immigration Bureau or Embassy have been reported recently. Things like “There is something wrong with your visa” or “Your fake passport has been found and you can't return to your home country. You need to pay to undo this situation” have been said. The Immigration Bureau would never call and ask you to transfer money. Please be careful of incoming calls from numbers that you do not know.

Take care of yourself and those who are important to you to have a safe and secure end of year and start to the new year.


【Prevention of the spread of Covid-19】

And recently, although measures to prevent the spread are being taken, more and more people are getting out and with seasonal events like Christmas, New Year's Eve and the New Year holiday, there will be, no doubt, a number of opportunities for people to get together. So, wear a mask, wash your hands and gargle and also practice the 3 C's. And so you don't forget, the 3 C's mean you should avoid closed rooms, try not to be in crowded places and avoid close contact conversations. It's up to each of us to help prevent the spread Covid-19.


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