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Well, as you know, Sunday, October 31st is Halloween! Yay!

The Origins of Halloween

Halloween is a  tradition that originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts that they believed would appear on the night of October 31st.  Nowadays, any connections it had to religion are fading and it has become popular in a number of countries as a time when kids dress up in scary costumes and get sweets, and people enjoy scary events like haunted houses and horror shows. In the US, Halloween is a huge event, people seem to start getting ready for it as soon as September ends. I remember getting really excited for caramel-covered apple flavored lollipops and trips to haunted houses and haunted mazes with my friends when I was in high school and university. When I was even younger in elementary school, planning my costume and then going trick or treating was the highlight of the month. The scary thing was when my father would find my candy bag and eat all the Reeses peanut butter cups. He was, and still is, a chocolate monster!


Halloween In Japan

In Japan, various events are held across the country as the holiday has become more popular and many people often hold parties with their friends. And of course, if it's going to be a Halloween Party, dressing up is an absolute must. Of course a witch or monster costume is typically the standard but in recent years, characters from movies and especially in Japan, from anime or games have become inspiration for many costumes. And as each year has passed, there are more and more ideas making Halloween a great time for all.


Costume Trends This Year

So what is this year's costume trend, I wonder. Well, if you take a look at popular anime and movies on now, you'll probably have a good idea. We had the Olympics and Paralympics this year as well, so you might be able to find costume inspiration there. Naturally, you can't go wrong with a witch or monster costume but you could also try a costume based in reality, dressing up to show the humour of every day situations and how scary things can be. Dress up as a Zoom meeting participant still in your pajamas or someone at a supermarket who forgot to bring a shopping bag and is trying to carry every thing with out one. I'm not quite sure what I'll get up to this year, I have enough stuff in my house to put together a Halloween costume, thanks to Halloweens in years past, but I'm not sure that I'll go out. I actually might just have a little dinner party at home with my partner, there are a lot of fun, spooky recipes online to try. I suggest witches fingers, sausage mummies or deviled egg eyeballs if you are looking for some Halloween party foods. Just search online and you'll see what I'm talking about!


Practice the 3 C's This Halloween!

Like last year, Covid-19 still hasn't let up, which is pretty scary in itself, so make sure you practice the 3 C's as you celebrate Halloween this year, the easiest way of doing that is by holding a online party at home. You can get a ton of different Halloween themed sweets and decorations at the supermarket and convenience store these days and food delivery services have increased since last year so it's actually pretty easy to stay at home. Anyway, stay safe and have a great Halloween whether you celebrate with family or friends.


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