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2022.03.28[Mon] 09:00

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【Cherry Blossom Viewing & The Start Of A New Season】

In Japan, the end of March through the beginning of April is, as you probably know, cherry blossom season. In parks and at schools, along the roads and in people's gardens, there are loads of places to see the cherry blossom trees in bloom. The period in which they bloom is pretty short, usually only about one or two weeks. In saying that, despite the briefness of this season, get out there and enjoy these beautiful blossoms.

【About Hanami- Cherry Blossom-viewing】

For people who live in Japan, cherry blossom viewing is a traditional and popular event. Friends and family and coworkers all get out during this time to sit under the cherry trees and enjoy that time together, eating, drinking and taking pictures. Going out to enjoy the cherry blossoms and taking time to see the bloom is really one of those things you have to do in Japan. Fortunately, here in Fukuoka, we have a ton of cherry blossom-viewing spots to enjoy.

【Cherry Blossom-viewing spots around Fukuoka City】

Well, to start with, there's Maizuru Park and Nishi Koen park, probably the two most well-known places in the city. However, there are many more to discover and enjoy and you can find a decent list of them in Fukuoka Now, a free informational magazine and site with information for foreigners in Fukuoka City. They have a special list during this season of several different spots. You can search for “cherry blossom fukuoka now” to find that list or check the Life in Fukuoka blog for the link to Fukuoka Now's guide. Check it out and make a day of it with your family, friends and partners under the cherry blossoms.

I usually do a hanami party in Maizuru Park every year, but I really enjoy the sight of the cherry blossoms lining the waterway near Tsutsumi-danchi in Sawara-ku. I'm also lucky to have a huge cherry tree in my garden, so I can actually do hanami at home.

Enjoying Cherry Blossom-viewing with the 3 C's.】

Covid-19 is still on the spread so as you enjoy this year's cherry blossoms, be sure to practice the 3 C's. Try to enjoy this time in small groups for shorter amounts of time and avoid big crowds. Make sure you also take all of your garbage home with you to keep things neat and tidy. It's only in this season that we can enjoy the bloom, so have a great time as you make memories under these beautiful trees.

【A Message for this New Season】

Life in Fukuoka started in April of 2020 which means from next week we are going into our third year! Thank you so much for listening to the program and to the Podcast these past two year. Please continue to tune in as we continue to share information about living in Fukuoka and bringing you information about different topics to help you enjoy your life here more.

We'd also like to hear from you! Send us a message if you have the chance to with the title Life in Fukuoka. Our program is on in English, Chinese, Korean, Nepali and Vietnamese each week and all of the Djs would love to hear from you. 


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