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2022.05.23[Mon] 09:00

DJ's Recommend(DJのオススメ)

【DJ Recommendations for Rainy Season and Summer Prep】

As the weather continues to heat up, you can really feel that we're heading into the summer months. We're very nearly into June now, just a week or so left of May. However, before we get into the full heat of summer, we have rainy season first....


Japanese Summer and Its Rainy Season

If you've been here for a while, you'll know that one big characteristic of summer in Japan is its mugginess. It is hot and humid here. And June is when Tsuyu, or rainy season, shows up bringing in lots of clouds and lots and lots of rain. In Japanese, the beginning of rainy season is referred to as “tsuyu-iri” and the end is “tsuyu-ake.” I'm not sure there's really a good translation for that other than entering rainy season and the lifting or clearing of rainy season...if you have a better word for it, let me know. In Fukuoka, the end of rainy season is typically around the middle of July, but it really depends on the area and that year. And once it does end, we get “mousho”, which is very very hot, or extreme heat, and means hot days with temperatures often from 35 degrees and above. So, as we move into June, make sure you prepare so that you are completely ready for summer.

I remember when I first came to Japan and experienced my first rainy season, I was shocked at how wet I got even with an umbrella. The rain was falling so hard it was bouncing back up off the ground and splashing me. Just an umbrella won't cut it during rainy season. I now have a good pair of rain boots, an assortment of raincoats and ponchos, depending on how heavy the rain is, and of course, several sturdy umbrellas. I cycle to most places so one of my rain coats is extra long and has a expandable back so that I can carry my backpack underneath it. Once the rainy season is over and the heat of summer hits, I'm alright. Michigan isn't known for such hot summers at all, and summer isn't all that long either, but I can handle the hot weather and I love going to the beach. However, I always have a handkerchief with me, as the summer is pretty sweaty, and never leave the house without water and a hat of sorts, which leads me into our next topic today, ways to avoid heat stroke and sunburns.


Measures to Prevent Heatstroke and Sunburns

You'll often hear the word “Necchushou”, in Japanese, come summer. This means heatstroke and it's Japan's biggest climate illness. Symptoms of heatstroke include dizziness, nausea, sluggishness and headaches and may result from spending a long time outdoors, under the sun, or doing physical activities in the summer heat. You can actually get heatstroke, not only from being outdoors but also indoors, so be careful as you deal with the heat of summer.

So, make sure you avoid being under direct sunlight when you can, and try to stay in shaded areas or in cool rooms.

When you go out, wear a hat or carry a parasol to block some of that sunlight, and try to avoid strenuous physical activities.

Keep a cool towel on your neck, or make use of the many products out there on the market to help prevent heatstroke!

And of course, be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Right now, we are still wearing masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, so it's sometimes harder to recognize when we are feeling thirsty, so make it a point to drink water at regular intervals.


Increase in Natural Disasters in Recent Years During Rainy Season and the Summer

From the beginning of rainy season, all the way to autumn, Japan experiences typhoons, heavy rains, flooding, fierce winds and storm surges.

And, in recent years, heavy rains have caused a series of disasters in Kyushu. To be prepared for this, check your area's disaster prevention map to know what actions to take in case of a disaster and to where you should evacuate. Knowing this information beforehand could make all the difference. You can check the website or look up Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention to find the information you need on the internet.


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