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2022.06.13[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー) , Children & Childcare(子ども・子育て)

【Cleaning Out The Fridge】

Well, rain is definitely on the mind, basically because June more or less equals rainy season. And after this season comes summer in all it's blazing a sense. It's definitely hot, not sure that it's glorious. But with this hot weather comes something that we need to be careful about and that's actually food poisoning. Yikes...

So, to make sure that you don't do that to yourself, you should clean out your fridge on a regular basis and of course, check expiration dates.

You'll also want to make sure you're cleaning your cutting boards, sponges, around the sink and the counter well, because this hot season is a time when bacteria can really multiply.

For cleaning the inside of your fridge, use a weak alkaline solution like water with baking soda dissolved in it, and wipe down your shelves and walls. Then, spray everything down with kitchen alcohol to kill the bacteria. For your sponges and cutting boards, you can soak them in a bleach and water solution or pour boiling water at 90 degrees Celsius on them to kill bacteria.

【Information From Fukuoka City】

Child Support Allowance

Now, I have some information from Fukuoka City for you.

In Fukuoka City, families raising children can receive a support allowance up until each child finishes junior high school.

The amount per child varies from 5000 yen to 15,000 yen depending on the age of the

child and the household income. The allowance is paid three times in four month installments, once in June, then October and again in February.

The child allowance system has had some changes made to it that will go into effect after the October payment. An income limit will be set in regards to benefits and depending on the amount of a household's income, the allowance may no longer be paid. In principle, it is also no longer necessary to submit an annual status report. However, if your marital status changes, you do need to send in a document to update your status.

A letter outlining the changes to the child support allowance was sent out on May 10th to those who receive the allowance, so make sure you take a look at that notice.



If you live in Fukuoka City, and have earned more than 1 million yen the previous year, from

January 1st to December 31st, you may need to pay taxes. You will receive a tax payment notification around the 15th of June. Please make sure you open that envelope, it has information on when you need to pay and how much will be due. You can pay at convenience stores, the bank or even the post office. If you are a regular company employee, these taxes may be taken out from your salary by your company.

If you do not pay your taxes, you may risk facing difficulty when it comes time to renew your residence status or risk being subject to seizure of property.

If there is anything you don't understand, or if you may have difficulty making payments, please consult with your local ward office. You can also consult by phone in 18 different languages. This phone number is 092-753-6113. Again, this phone number is 092-753-6113. This phone number will connect you to the ward office after you speak with an interpreter. Please tell the interpreter which ward you live in and that you are calling about taxes.


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