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2021.03.08[Mon] 09:00

Rules & Manners(ルール・マナー) , Housing(住宅)

【Sakura-mochi-Cherry blossom rice cakes】

This morning we're starting off with something pretty yummy and that's sakura mochi or cherry blossom rice cakes, THE Japanese sweet of spring.

It seems that sakura-mochi can be spread into two main categories. There is the Kanto style Chou-mei-ji and the Kansai stayle Dou-myo-ji. Both of them are simply called sakura-mochi but when they need to be differentiated, they're called by the names chou-mei-ji and dou-myo-ji. So what's the difference? Well, chou-mei-ji uses flour to make a dough that is baked. Sweet bean paste is wrapped in it and you get a crepe like sweet in this style. In the case of dou-myo-ji, mochi rice is used to make manju, which looks like a bun. Both are wrapped in salted pickled sakura leaves. They're sweet with a little salty kick and absolutely delicious. Although, if you eat the leaf or not, is really up to you! I'm a fan of the salty pickled leaf, but then again I'm more of a savory than sweet kind of person.



【The earlier the better-House moving procedures】

Alright, now I've got some information from Fukuoka City for you.

Every year at the end of March, the consultation desks at the city ward offices get busy with people wrapping things up for the fiscal year and so the city asks that if you are moving, to come in as soon as you can to get your house moving procedures wrapped up.


If you are moving out of Fukuoka City, you need to submit a notification of your move by the day you move out. The city will then issue a “moving-out” certificate which you'll need to show at the municipal office of your new address. If you are moving to another address within Fukuoka City, you do not need to submit a “moving-out” notification but you do need to submit a “moving-in” certificate to your local ward office within 14 days of your move.


The ward offices have a convenient online reservation system that you can use for these moving procedures. Just make a reservation from your phone or computer, at least 5 business days in advance. You put in the change of address and the date you want to go in to get things done and when you arrive at the ward office to complete your moving procedures, your time at the consultation desk will go quicker and smoother.


You can see what documents or information you need to bring with you if you just check Fukuoka City's official Line account. Two things you shouldn't forget are your residence and my number cards.  You can also check how busy the consultation desk is through that Line account so take advantage of it!


And one more thing. When you move, you have to arrange to have your water turned on or turned off yourself. To get that done, you need to notify the waterworks bureau at least 4 business days in advance of the day you move. You can do that by phone by calling 092-532-1010. Again that phone number is 092-532-1010. The website says they support a number of languages. You can also take care of it via the internet but you need to do that 5 business days in advance of your move. Just type in “Fukuoka shi suido kyoku” in hiragana in your search engine.



【Preventing the spread of Covid-19】

We've still got to be careful , so once again, we are asking everyone to continue to practice basic infection prevention measures to fight against the spread of Covid-19. Wear a mask, wash your hands, gargle and avoid the 3 Cs. That means you should avoid closed rooms with poor ventilation, try not to be in crowded places and avoid close contact conversations.


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