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2021.10.11[Mon] 09:00

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【Osmanthus/Fragrant Olive】

Kinmokusei or Osmanthus fragrans in English, perhaps more commonly know as Fragrant Olive, is in bloom this season, full with it's tiny orange blossoms. You'll probably see it when out walking and will definitely be able to identify it from its sweet smell that fills the air. It's the scent that tells you that fall is right around the corner!

In the past in Japan, this flower was often planted near pit toilets as it was an effective deodorizer. Later, the scent became the standard for toilet air freshening sprays! Perhaps due to that, older generations don't have an overly fond image of the flower. Younger generations however don't have the same association with the flower and tend to enjoy its fragrance.

The flower is actually, also, edible. In China, where the flower is originally from, it is often candied or put into liquors. Yang Guifei, known as one of the 4 beauties of ancient China, was said to drink sake made from Kinmokusei. Hmm, if this was part of her beauty routine then I wonder where can I find some of this sake!

At any rate, it's a flower whose scent can be enjoyed now, just follow your nose!


【Information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation】

The International Japanese Speech Contest

Today, we also have information from the Fukuoka City International Foundation.

Have you heard of the International Japanese Speech Contest that they hold every year?Well, this year, it will take place on October 16th. Speeches are given by students from Japanese classes and from Japanese language schools in the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. The topic of the speech is up to the participant and ranges from their experiences living in Fukuoka City to their dreams for the future, of course, delivered in Japanese. If you have a chance, come and support these students and listen to the fruits of their language study labor! You can attend the contest in person on the day or watch the speeches online later! If you are interested, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's website to make reservations to attend or watch the videos of the speeches.


Call for Applications for International Student Housing: Family Rooms】

Alright, next is the call for Applications for International Student Housing. Currently, there are some student housing family rooms open to applications for international students enrolled at Universities in Fukuoka City or the Fukuoka Metropolitan area. To be considered, applicants must be enrolled in a University and also be willing to participate enthusiastically in projects conducted by the Fukuoka City International Foundation. The lease period is for 2 years and single tenants will also be considered.For more information about the application and other requirements, please visit the Fukuoka City International Foundation's homepage or send an email to with any questions you may have.


Information on the Mail Magazine】

And now, I want to share a little information about Fukuoka City International Foundation's monthly mail magazine. The magazine, published in English and Japanese, shares news and information about international exchange events and cooperation and is available to everyone!  Just search for FCIF in your web browser and sign up on the Foundation's website to receive that valuable information! If you want to know more about the Fukuoka City International Foundation or have any questions, you can contact them during the week between 8:45am and 6pm at 092-262-1799. Again, the phone number is 092-262-1799.


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